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Five ways to deal with your siblings – My Siblings and I

30 June 2021
As inspired by the Aberuagbas, here are 5 easy ways to deal with sibling stress.
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No two siblings are the same and as such, their wahala will vex you differently, na so? Ehe! So, as learnt from our favourite on-screen siblings, we bring five simple ways to deal (and we mean deal) with your troublesome (or not) co-kids to your mama and papa.

1. My money, not ours! 

“If you no get money, hide your face,” or whatever Davido said. Basically, money-making has nothing to do with genetics, sha! Like Angela who straight up told big bro James to sew the holes in his pockets and do better with his funds, you can also collect double-sided tape and stick your ‘money spender and borrower’ sibling to the wall of “No! Go get your own’. Assin, no one has ever gotten rich by dashing their siblings money. Do you copy? Good!

2. Countries have borders, so do we!

Ya’ll know for a fact that Nena will👏🏽not👏🏽share👏🏽anything! Well, it’s true that her OCD holds the steering wheel in this relationship, but even so, the babe has very visible boundaries (despite sharing a room with Angela) and will not tolerate trespassers, periodt! So, what’s the lesson, you may ask? Well, isss clear TBH! Make sure that your siblings know that they can’t get away with soiling your white. In fact, they must steer clear of your grey even (not that there are grey areas or anything!). Capiche?!

3. Abeg, I’m your older sibling, not your parent!

 Gen gen! The hardest topic since making perfect jollof! We all know that older siblings are co-parents by default! Look at sister Lilly and bros Stanley, abi? Mama Abegruagba always calls this duo up when the ducks refuse to remain in single file, and it works! Assin, one word from sister Lilly or a look from bros Stanley and the ducks turn military. So, when it comes to ‘too much dependence, cut the cord o, cut it! Just like we adore our smaller server wires, ya’ll defs love your siblings, but remember (and remind them), they’re siblings.

4. I love you but hands off my food!

Abeg, the food debate exists even between happily married couples, so what chance do siblings have of escaping this not-so-friendly war, eh? Whether you use road barricade material or even add extra pepper as a warning sign and means to catch your domestic meal snatchers, protect your food! Especially it’s freshly pounded yam and pepper soup. In fact, this one be danger zone. Ask Dave!

5. Mind your own business, jare!

You may have a life so interesting, your siblings fail to drink water and mind their business, but they must. We repeat, they must! Now, if you’re dealing with an aproko as legendary as Angela, chances are, your private business will become compound business faster than students leave class after their final exam. But don’t fret because we have an idea. If you shouting “Mind your own business” makes very little difference, be a competing aproko and have something against them. A “You talk, I talk” kinda thing. Yes?

...And there you have it, five simple ways to deal with your troublesome siblings! Thanks for attending our TED Talk! 🙏🏾

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