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Frank does the introduction – My Flatmates

26 August 2023
Despite a delayed proposal, a meddling cousin, and a surprising timeline, Frank finally begins the wedding rites.
Frank does the introduction – My Flatmates

Nine years of engagement, countless memories, and a heart full of courage later, Frank decided it was finally time to take that formidable stride—formally introducing himself to Mimi's family. This marked a significant chapter in their journey towards a lifetime of togetherness.

A proposal shrouded in doubt
The year had barely begun when Frank mustered the courage to pop the question that had been lingering in the air. But oh, the doubts that swirled around his proposal! As time passed, it seemed that Frank's procrastination and his father's initial hesitation were conspiring against him. Would he ever gather enough determination to take the plunge, or was this relationship merely meant to remain in the engagement abyss?

When blessings came knocking
As fate would have it, Frank's father eventually bestowed his blessings upon the union. A sigh of relief echoed through the hearts of the hopeful couple and their well-wishers. Yet, a lingering suspicion remained that Frank might just be using his father's former reluctance as an excuse to evade commitment. Could this be the perfect alibi to escape the clutches of a wedding?

Storms and an annoying cousin
Just when the path seemed to be clearing, storm clouds gathered on the horizon. Frequent arguments cast a shadow over Frank and Mimi's journey, threatening to obscure the love that had held them together for so long. And then came the wild card: Mimi's cousin, the self-proclaimed head of Mimi's family. With determination as strong as Frank's hesitation, Ubong seemed hell-bent on making the marriage plans as complicated as possible.

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The D-Day is here
Despite the drama, the day of introduction finally arrived. Families converged, cultures intertwined, and two worlds came face-to-face. The initial chaos eventually subsided, giving way to the warmth of shared laughter and genuine connections. It was a stepping stone, a bridge between two families, and a testament to the power of love.

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The delayed "I Do"
As the dust settled and the joy of the introduction lingered, a pivotal question was asked – when would the wedding bells chime? And just as the families held their breath, Frank's hesitation emerged like an uninvited guest. His words stumbled, and the news hit like a deflating balloon – “nine to ten months," he said. The families exchanged glances, a mixture of surprise and disbelief clouded their faces. Who in the world delays a wedding for such an eternity?

With the timeline set, will Frank rise to the occasion and embrace the love he's nurtured for years, or will hesitation be the final victor? The unfolding drama awaits your eager eyes, so don't miss a beat of their story on My Flatmates, airing on Africa Magic Showcase Ch. 151 every weekday at 18:30 WAT