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Masquerades Of Aniedo

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Zina and her destiny as Eze Dibia – MOA

15 February 2024
Zina faces a life-altering choice: embrace her destiny as Eze Dibia or defy tradition and carve her own path.
Zina and her destiny as Eze Dibia – MOA

As the saying goes, uneasy lies the head that wears the crown, but for Zina, the uneasiness begins even before the crown graces her head as the next Eze Dibia, the chief priestess of Ofu-Obodo. Despite vehemently rejecting the position and insisting her true passion lies in healing with herbs, the spirits – and the current Eze Dibia – have seemingly chosen a different path for her.

The path of a healer
Zina dreams of a simpler life, her hands tending to ailments under the watchful guidance of the spirits. Yet, her exceptional talent for healing has propelled her onto this fated path. After all, her lineage whispers of Eze Dibia's blood, making her a natural fit in the eyes of the divine.

Dissenting voices
Maduka, fueled by the belief that his son, Ikenna, holds the rightful claim to the title, fuels the flames of opposition. Whispers of unease ripple through the council, their resistance rooted in the deeply ingrained prejudice against a woman wielding such power. Muna, still smarting from the Eze Dibia's previous "mistake" of choosing Izzy as the Masquerade of Aniedo over him, added his voice to the growing chorus of disapproval.

At the crossroads 
Torn between her own desires and the whispers of destiny, Zina stands at a crossroads. Can she outrun the spirits' will and carve her own path? Or will the weight of tradition and the village's needs force her to embrace the mantle of Eze Dibia, even if it means sacrificing her dreams?

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