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Onyeka the ladies' man – MOA

27 February 2024
This charming guy is the ladies' favorite confidante, proving that sometimes, the best way to win hearts is by simply listening and offering helpful advice.
Onyeka the ladies' man – MOA

Onyeka's recent trip to Ofu-Obodo has been a whirlwind! Not only did he spearhead the project that brought much-needed mobile network service to the village, but he also unintentionally earned himself a new title: the ladies' favorite.

Now, hold on before you jump to conclusions. Onyeka isn't the "ladies' man" in the traditional sense. Instead, his genuine charm and willingness to listen have made him a trusted confidante for the women around him.

Urenna, for example, was on the brink of ending her relationship with Abaeze when Onyeka stepped in. With a patient ear and some insightful advice, he helped her see through her anger and rediscover the real feelings she had for him. Crisis averted, thanks to Onyeka!

Chizitaram, a married woman, found herself in a different predicament. Feeling lonely and unfulfilled, she confided in Onyeka about her long-forgotten dream of pursuing her university education. Not only did he listen without judgment, but he actively encouraged her to go for it! This supportive friendship built a connection so strong that Onyeka even knew she was pregnant before her husband did – a testament to the level of trust they shared.

Watch Chizitaram share her dreams

While Onyeka's popularity with the ladies has ruffled some feathers (we're looking at you, Muna!), his genuine nature and ability to connect are undeniable. It seems the title of "ladies' favorite" might stick around for a while, but remember – it's the kind of favoritism that comes with a listening ear and a supportive heart.

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