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Meet Koya and the resort's new guests – Love and Light

18 November 2023
They plan to bring a whirlwind of fun, drama, and Vawulence!
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As the Love and Light & Small Cheating crew's time at the Love and Light resort draws close, the resort welcomed more thrilling guests with unique storylines.

At the forefront is Koya, played by the famous star Kanaga Jnr. In Love and Light and Vawulence, Koya is a social media influencer who decided to plan a trip to the resort with his family for his birthday, fearing that might be his last.

The planned family trip weekend ended up being a rollercoaster as Koya's divorced parents couldn't stop butting heads, and even though they were both remarried, spending time together triggered old feelings, and the former happily married couple suddenly developed feelings for each other, putting their current marriages at risk of possible break up. 

Interestingly, Koya's parents weren't the only ones who developed feelings. While on the resort, Koya falls head over heels in love with a gorgeous lady, Diseye, who he initially had no idea was a prostitute. Diseye, guided by her boss, Shina, was on a mission to find her next big catch. Her relationship with Koya revealed a web of secrets and intense drama. 

Besides being a perfect gentleman in the resort, find out what Koya gets up to next on Love and Light and Vawulence. Tune in to watch on Mondays and Tuesdays at 20:30 WAT on Africa Magic Showcase.