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Sesan's destiny takes its course – Kadara

31 March 2024
Life forces him to confront his past crimes

Sesan's life was just getting better after moving back to Agbula. Even as the police's search for him intensified, he had just secured great wins: alongside his partner Jeje, they secured an election win, and the woman he loved, Fade, agreed to marry him and is carrying his child. However, you can't escape destiny, and Sesan's life changed drastically in the finale episode of Africa Magic Yoruba's Kadara

Sesan and Fade find out the truth

As their love for each other grew, Sesan's mother, Ojuolape, became even more opposed to them being together, confusing the duo as Fade is likable. While they both assumed it might be because Fade's dad is the notorious Baale, they both got a shocker when Ojuolape finally opened up. 

While on her hospital bed, Ojuolape revealed that Fade's father raped her, and because of his status, she kept it hidden and decided to go on with her plans to marry Ahmed, the man Sesan thought was his father all his life. The news that they were siblings broke the lovebirds, but what came next shocked them even more.

Kola seeks revenge 

Keen to get rid of Sesan because he seemed to be getting in the way of everything Kola wanted, including his coveted spot as the new Baale! Kola grabbed a gun and stormed the hospital. On getting there, Fade tried to calm him down and stop him; however, Kola's rage got the best of him; he pulled the trigger, and the bullet unfortunately hit his sister, Fade.

As Sesan cried and panicked, the police, alongside Sesan's best friend Folarin, who guided them to him, ordered Sesan's arrest for killing Egbon. Ojuolape was bewildered. However, Sesan could barely utter a word after the shocking events he had just witnessed! Do you think Sesan deserved what fate threw at him? 

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