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What do our Africa Magic stars want from Santa?

25 December 2023
Tis the season for Santa to sprinkle some magic, and our stars have a wishlist ready.
What do our favorite Africa Magic stars want from Santa?

Christmas is in the air, and across the continent, even our favourite Africa Magic characters are dreaming of Santa's sleigh coming their way. But what does a Masquerade-hopeful, a hotel-trapped heroine, or a car-craving landlord want from the jolly old man in red? Let's peek into their wishlists.

Asake's escape plan
Asake finds herself and her son trapped in a hotel by a sinister man and his henchmen and women. If we were to guess what she wants most this Christmas, it's for Santa to get them out of that hotel and beyond the reach of those dangerous people. Santa would need to come with his sleigh and give Asake and her son a lift to safety. Hopefully, Santa can pull off this Christmas miracle.

Muna's masquerade mission
Muna's heart burns with a single, fervent desire: to be named the Masquerade of Aniedo. He's exhausted every spiritual avenue, even sacrificing his own shop, but the prestigious title remains stubbornly out of reach. Perhaps, he muses, it's time to enlist a new patron – not a spirit, but a saint. Santa Claus, with his legendary generosity and penchant for unexpected deliveries, might just be the answer. What remains a mystery is how Muna plans to convince Santa to overturn Ndubuisi's anointment, especially under the watchful eyes of the spirits of Aniedo.

Chief Donatus' dream ride 
Last year, Chief Donatus needed funds only to pay the major share of the rent, ensuring his ability to call the shots in the flat. Santa granted that wish, but this year, Chief Donatus has a different request: a car. With a vehicle of his own, he'd not only revel in having the last laugh over his fellow flatmates, but he could finally put the driver he already hired to good use.

Koya's wish for healing
Koya's biggest wish this Christmas is simple: a successful surgery to overcome his serious illness. His heart is heavy with the memory of his brother who didn't make it, but Koya holds onto hope. A smooth operation, that's all he wants. On top of that, maybe Santa could work some magic on Diseye's heart and help her open up to love again. Wouldn't that be an extra-special Christmas miracle? So Santa, Koya's counting on you for a healthy dose of holiday cheer and maybe a sprinkle of luck!

Dami's second chance
This Christmas, all Dami wants is a miracle for her brother. He needs a crucial surgery, and in a moment of desperation, she made a mistake. Taking matters into her own hands, she ended up in a risky situation at the church. Now, surrounded by police, her top wish is for a peaceful resolution that guarantees everyone's safety, including her own. If Santa could help clear things up and find a way for her brother to get the treatment he needs, that would be the most magical Christmas gift ever.

Of course, more of our stars could do with gifts from Santa. What do you think your favorite characters deserve this Christmas? Share your wildest (and kindest) wishes in the comments below, and let's make this a holiday season to remember!