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Top 5 moments on Itura that left us shook!

30 September 2023
Itura served up a feast of unforgettable moments that left us craving for more drama, and we are breaking each moment down.
Top 5 moments on Itura that left us shook!

Alright, folks, fasten your seatbelts because we're about to spill the tea on Itura's wildest moments that left us gagging for more drama and suspense. This show had us clutching our pearls, screaming at our screens, and wondering if we could sign up for a life in Ibaokuta. Let's dive into the five moments that had us all shook!

Balogun's grisly ascent to the throne
Oh, Balogun, your greedy ambition to snatch the throne, despite being about as rightful as a cat in a dog show, had us gasping for air! The gruesome demise that befell him and the chief priest served as a stark reminder to anyone even remotely eyeballing that coveted seat. Not even Odejinmi's madness tempted him to have a go; he settled for Prime Minister instead, plotting a slightly less death-defying path to the throne!

Watch Balogun's failed coronation

Diekola and Moremi's forbidden forest adventure
If you thought a simple "it's complicated" status on Facebook was a dramatic twist in a relationship, think again! Diekola, wrongfully accused of murder, was banished into the forbidden forest. But in a true Romeo and Juliet fashion, his lover Moremi couldn't bear to live without him and made the daring leap into the woods shortly after. It was the ultimate ride-or-die moment that gave us all the feels!

Watch the tragic banishment 

Royal house takes down the Invaders
After holding Ibaokuta hostage, making them pay tributes, and generally acting like unwanted house guests, Agbako and his gang finally met their end. The news was met with a virtual explosion of celebration on social media! Prince Obafemi gave Agbako a royal smackdown, and Princess Aderiyike showed Akoba who's boss. Victory never tasted so sweet!

Watch the royal house fight back

Otunba's shocking act of desperation
In a jaw-dropping twist that had our jaws bouncing off the floor, Otunba, fueled by a tsunami of anger and sorrow, did the unthinkable: he murdered his own wife, Iyaoloja. Why, you ask? Because she had the gall to gloat about killing his lover, Wuraola, and their unborn child. Talk about a plot twist that'll haunt our dreams!

Yewande's revelation
Yewande, the young priestess, had a dream revelation that unlocked the mysteries of Ibaokuta's origins and the root of the kingdom's problems. Her visionary insights ultimately led to the ritual that broke the kingdom free from its shackles. It's safe to say that Yewande is the unsung hero who deserves a standing ovation.

Watch here

There's more! From Dehinde's epic heroics to Princess Aderiyike's awakening, Itura served up moments that were nothing short of iconic. And guess what? You can relive every heart-pounding second by streaming all the episodes on the DStv Stream app right after you reconnect now using the #MyDStv or #MyGOtv app.