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Yewande's dream of Ibaokuta's origin – Itura

30 May 2023
Delve into the captivating tale of Ibaokuta's origin, filled with twists, turns, and ancient curses as revealed to Yewande in a dream.
Yewande in Dreamland Itura

The origin story of Ibaokuta episode had us all hooked, right? We were on the edge of our seats, eagerly following every twist and turn. But hey, we get it – sometimes details can slip through the cracks, and you might have missed a few juicy bits in the mind-boggling origin story of Ibaokuta. No worries, though, because we're here to make sure you're in the know! So, grab your favourite snack, get cozy, and get ready to be amazed as we delve into the captivating origin story of Ibaokuta, unveiling all those jaw-dropping secrets you may have missed!

Dreams and destiny
Our journey begins with Yewande, a curious soul who receives a dream visit from the enigmatic Baba Awojide. In her dream, Baba Awojide introduces Yewande to Omolade, a Spiritual Guide, who holds the key to the history and secrets of Ibaokuta and the ancient Kingdom of Itura. Yewande's understanding of these secrets is crucial, as they shed light on the mysteries unfolding in present-day Ibaokuta.

The Kingdom of Itura
Omolade takes Yewande back in time to an ancient kingdom called Itura. Once upon a time, Itura was peaceful, but everything changed when its beloved king passed away. A fierce battle for the throne erupted between two princes, Adegboruwa and Adepoju. As the eldest, Adegboruwa should have been crowned king, but his power-hungry and ruthless brother disrupted the sacred ritual and killed him!

The Curse and Forbidden Forest
Prince Adepoju wasn't satisfied with just stealing the crown. He also sought to force the four honourable Judges, crucial to the coronation ritual, to crown him king. But these wise custodians of culture stood firm and refused to betray their sacred duty. In his fury, Prince Adepoju mercilessly slaughtered the Judges. However, with their dying breaths, they cursed him and his soldiers. Prince Adepoju and his men were transformed into goblins, and a forbidden forest emerged, swallowing the land of Itura.

A new beginning
In order to escape the curse, the surviving people of Itura migrated to a safe haven called Okeokuta. Here, the story takes an unexpected turn. Yewande learns about the extraordinary love between Mosunmade and Prince Jagunbade. They shared a love so powerful that they even swore a blood oath never to leave each other's side. However, fate had other plans in store for them.

Tragic betrayal and unlikely Love
During a sordid encounter, Mosunmade found herself in a situation where her honour was at stake. In a desperate act of self-defense, she accidentally spilled royal blood by killing Prince Jagunbade's brother. This act demanded banishment to the forbidden forest, leaving Mosunmade brokenhearted and abandoned by her beloved Prince who refused to follow her.

A new love blooms
In her despair and as she wandered into the forest, Mosunmade stumbled upon a kind-hearted hunter named Bodunde, who offered her solace and protection. As time passed, a tender affection grew between them, and their union brought forth a beautiful daughter named Omolade. Love had found a way, even amidst the chaos.

The journey to Ibaokuta
The tale doesn't end there! War loomed over Okeokuta, threatening the safety of its people. In a bid to protect his throne, Jagunbade, accompanied by Awojide and a group of loyal followers, made a bold decision – they would venture to a new land, one they would call Ibaokuta. Little did Jagunbade know that his cherished necklace, a symbol of his love for Mosunmade, would guide him straight to the edge of the Forbidden Forest of Itura. Now, Ibaokuta finds itself sharing a boundary with the mysterious and forbidden realm.

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There you have it! The incredible origin story that took us on a whirlwind adventure of love, betrayal, and enchantment. Hold onto your seats because the excitement is far from over! There are still more secrets that shape present-day Ibaokuta. Make sure to tune in to Itura every weeknight at 20:30 WAT on DStv Africa Magic Showcase Ch. 151 to unravel more enchanting mysteries of the kingdom of Ibaokuta.