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Meet the top six contenders for the throne – Itura

11 April 2023
In Ibaokuta, the battle for the throne is on. With no clear successor, six candidates are vying for the chance to rule.
Ibaokuta rulers

Due to the unresolved differences between Prince Sijuade and Prince Obafemi and the inability of the royal family to declare a worthy successor to King Jagungbade, the village of Ibaokuta made the groundbreaking decision to opt for a democratically elected king. It was now up to the ruling families to nominate a candidate who they deemed fit to represent them in the election. Six candidates emerged as top contenders for the throne, each vying to convince their families that they were best suited for the throne and should therefore be nominated.

As this epic campaign for the throne heats up, it's time to take a closer look at each contender and weigh their pros and cons.


Ladugba, a successful merchant and secret smuggler, is a man of the people in Ibaokuta. His close relationship with the common folk has made him a beloved candidate for the throne. However, his aspirations for the crown have put him in direct competition with his best friend, Odejinmi. While he appears to be a strong contender for the throne, a dark secret from his past haunts him and threatens to derail his campaign. He once committed the unforgivable act of sleeping with his father's wife, and when he discovered she was pregnant, he tried to cover it up by selling her into slavery. This heinous act has made it impossible for his father to support his cause, and Ladugba may never recover from the shame of his past.

Princess Aderiyike

Caught in the midst of her bickering and fighting brothers, Princess Aderiyike refuses to be a mere spectator to the contest for the throne. Despite the societal and traditional barriers that prevent her from becoming the queen, she seeks to carve her own path to the throne. When both Dehinde and Odejinmi come knocking on her door, she decides to align with the latter, striking a deal that would make her his equal ruler should he win the race. But her decision to side with Odejinmi, much to the chagrin of Sijuade, is seen as a betrayal and sets the stage for a fierce power struggle within the royal family.


Odejinmi's obsession with becoming the king of Ibaokuta has consumed him since he first heard the prophecy that foretold his ascension to the throne. His relentless pursuit of this goal has led him to resort to unsavory tactics, including attempting to force his best friend Ladugba to abandon his own ambition of becoming king. Odejinmi's desire for power has also driven him to seek out Princess Aderiyike for a marriage alliance, using her family's influence as a means to secure his candidacy for the throne.


Dehinde's wealthy background and noble demeanor give him a natural edge in the race for the throne. However, after a failed alliance with Princess Aderiyike, he finds himself having to prove his worth to the family without a strong backing. Regrettably, a dark event from his past looms over his aspirations. Dehinde was once forced to lead rebels to his own father's house, a move that resulted in his father's death. This tragic incident is a weight that he must carry and a tarnish on his record in the eyes of those who would consider him for kingship.

Prince Obafemi

Driven by his father's dying wish for him to become king, Obafemi is determined to honor his legacy. But his noble nature is proving to be a double-edged sword in the cut-throat campaign for the throne. As he struggles to compromise his principles to bribe family heads and gain favor, his conscience weighs heavily on him. The recent suicide of someone affected by his actions has made him question if his ambition is worth the price. As Obafemi continues to navigate the murky waters of politics, he must decide if his desire for the throne is worth sacrificing his integrity.

Prince Sijuade

Fueled by an unshakable sense of pride and entitlement, Sijuade is convinced that the throne rightfully belongs to him. As the first son of the late King Jagungbade, he was raised to believe that he was destined to rule. However, with his father's last wish that he be skipped and the crown passed on to his younger brother, Sijuade's ambition is at stake. Desperate to prove himself worthy, Sijuade is willing to resort to any means necessary, even if it means going to the dark side and breaking the bank. With his mother withdrawing her support for his dream, Sijuade is left to pursue his ambition alone.

As the race for the throne heats up, the candidates bring different strengths and weaknesses to the table, making the choice of who becomes the next king a daunting task for the ruling families and people of Ibaokuta. The future of the kingdom hangs in the balance as they weigh the candidates' credentials, leadership qualities, and the dark secrets that might come to light. The stakes are high, and the decision they make will shape the destiny of the kingdom. Find out which of the candidates make the cut on Itura showing every weekday at 20:30 WAT on DStv Africa Magic Showcase CH. 151.