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4 Reasons why the Olowoporokus are indispensable – Itura

06 June 2023
As power changes hands, it may seem like Otunba Olowoporoku and Iya Oloja are losing their grip on power, but that's not the case.
Olowoporokus article

In the land of Ibaokuta, there exists a power couple like no other— the enigmatic Otunba Olowoporoku and his wife, Iya Oloja. Known as the richest in the land, they pull the strings from behind the scenes, wielding an influential force that shapes the very fabric of Ibaokuta. While some of their actions may not always be people-friendly, there's no denying that these power players are absolutely indispensable to the people of Itura. We will tell you why:

Political Strategists Extraordinaire
Love them or hate them, Ibaokuta is currently navigating treacherous political waters. With a vacant throne and a flawed election, the people of Ibaokuta desperately need experienced political strategists to guide them through the storm. Prince Obafemi recognized this and sought the Olowoporokus' expertise. Even though he may not have agreed with their methods, he reluctantly acknowledged that they were his best shot at attaining the coveted throne.

Masters of Commerce and Trade
During King Jagungbade's reign, the Olowoporokus were entrusted with overseeing commerce and trade in the kingdom. Thanks to their exceptional skills, the economy of Ibaokuta flourished. Now, as the kingdom seeks to rebuild itself after being drained of its wealth, the Olowoporokus' expertise in commerce and trade becomes crucial once again. They are the ones who can reignite the spark of prosperity in Ibaokuta.

The Throne's Financial Pillars
Their prominent position in the world of commerce and trade ensures the Olowoporokus cozy up to great wealth. In times when the throne faces financial constraints and finds itself in need of a quick cash infusion, who do they turn to? You guessed it—the Olowoporokus! Their pockets are deep, and a significant portion of their wealth is held in trust on behalf of the kingdom.

Advocates for the Elites
As Odejinmi ascends to the post of Are and tirelessly champions the causes of the common people, the elites find themselves in need of a spokesperson. To prevent a scenario where the less privileged overpower the wealthy, the elites rely on the Olowoporokus to advocate for their interests and protect their wealth. With them at the helm, the elites can rest easier, knowing their wealth is safe and sound.

The Olowoporokus are undoubtedly a handful, but it seems Ibaokuta can't live without them, just as they can't live without Ibaokuta's riches. However, caution is key, as they're already losing their grip on the kingdom. If they wish to secure their wealth and influence, they must remind the people and Odejinmi of their importance to Ibaokuta's prosperity. Will they succeed? Tune in to DStv Africa Magic Showcase Ch. 151 every weekday at 20:30 WAT to find out.