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All-star showdown – Indomie Love Bowl

30 November 2023
With high stakes, electric energy, and heartwarming family moments, celebrity mums battle it out on the Indomie Love Bowl family game show.
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This week's edition of the popular Indomie Love Bowl Family Game Show took a star-studded turn as three celebrity mums - Wives_and_mothers, Elsie Okpocha, and Diiadem - joined the stage alongside their children. The stakes were high, the energy was electric, and the excitement was palpable as the families battled it out for the coveted title of champions.

A clash of titans
From the moment the celebrity mums stepped onto the stage, the tension was palpable. The audience, already buzzing with anticipation, erupted in cheers as they witnessed the formidable trio take their places. The air crackled with competitiveness, and the contestants exuded an aura of confidence that was infectious.

A game of skill, wit, and teamwork
The game unfolded at a rapid pace, with the families facing a series of challenges that tested their knowledge, wit, and teamwork. They tackled trivia questions, solved puzzles, and even engaged in a taste challenge, all while maintaining their composure and strategic thinking.

Elsie Okpocha and her daughter claim victory
In a nail-biting finale, it was Elsie Okpocha and her daughter who emerged victorious, their victory dance sending shockwaves of excitement through the audience. The other families, though defeated, graciously congratulated the winners, their faces beaming with pride for their own impressive performances.

Watch here

Despite the competitive spirit, the overall atmosphere was one of fun and family bonding. The celebrity mums and their children shared laughter, exchanged playful banter, and created memories that would last a lifetime.