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How Bobby fathered many – Halita

16 May 2020
This is a classic story of an irresponsible rich boy who unintentionally spread his seed and fathered many children.
How Bobby fathered many – Halita

Though calm and generally more receptive than the rest of the Zamani clan members, Bobby’s dirty laundry has always been left out for everyone to judge and we’ll tell you how and why.

Upon introduction, we were let in on the fact that yours truly impregnated one of the staff members and had her thrown out and forced to abort. Mama bear even went as far as telling her that no matter how many kids she was to bear, she would remain a commoner in comparison to them. Strike one much?

Later on, when Halita was brought into the picture, Bobby did not hide the fact that he wanted to design her fate as he’d previously done for his unfortunate casualties but Nenrot, Matilda’s then PA and general entourage fell head over heels for the boy fell victim of the obvious. This instance was quite different though because Bobby acknowledged the ‘damage’ and decided it was high time he did right by someone. Strike two? Yes?

It looks like Bobby went from bad straight to worse when he did the exact thing to Ladi. After leading her on and making her think that theirs was a ‘Halita + King’ situation, he let out that there was no way in hell he’d have a relationship with her and forced her to abort; a procedure that consequently led to a damaged womb. An additional strike too many if you ask us!

… and finally, just when the young Zamani thought the worst was over, a baby is dropped right at the gate with his name on its forehead, eliminating any chances or normalcy in his new relationship; the worst thing being that fact that he’s no longer able to procreate either due to his car accident or a secret yet to be revealed… Now that’s what we call ‘daddy issues’.

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