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It's back! Halita finally returns to your screens

24 August 2020
After what felt like a few lifetimes without the Zamani drama, Halita finally returns to our screens.
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After feeding on lots of drama – and then being forced to a sudden halt courtesy of lockdown, Halita finally makes its way back onto our screens! 

Forgot where we were before the big, bad 'halt' button was pressed? Here's the gist. 

Shocking revelations

Bit by bit, Halita had started collecting enough material to create a backbone solid enough to deal with the woes of being intertwined with the Zamanis and their endless battles with external forces; but nothing – absolutely nothing, could have prepared her for the news of her paternity. The same family she respected only because of her home education, was in fact, her own. To say the story unfolded in the most unexpected of ways would be a complete understatement because not only were we kept at the edge of our seats, wondering what would happen next, but then a sudden wave of the Covid-19 pandemic hit and forced our faves to take an unprecedented lockdown break. Before that happened though, the Zamanis and their allies were still totally torn by Kaka’s untimely death (they had no idea that Kaka was also gunning for their demise), Unfortunate being snuffed out at Kaka's send-off and to everyone’s relief, Max’s own end in the hands of the Zamani guard.

Settling scores

Just as they all tried to move on as swiftly as their legs could carry them, Adi let out that Halita was his love child; an utterance that was obviously unacceptable given Halita’s "peasant" status (according to Matilda of course). This, King going behind Halita's back and assuming ownership of her tea business, plus Dosha’s lying about the skincare line's profits made Halita that much colder towards her former employers and almost in-laws. As if that’s not enough tea to make you want to collect chinchin and lounge with us, Ladi lost her childbearing abilities after getting involved with Bobby and being forced to terminate the pregnancy. The very Bobby that was forced into fatherhood when a tiny cooing, breathing surprise was left at the Zamani gate by one of his previous casualties.

From Kudu’s overly glistening ambitions in the village, to Matilda’s cancer misdiagnosis – and all the way down to King and Halita’s broken bond and Dosha and Hassan’s reignited romance, the story has finally gained momentum and we’re certain that your weeknights will never be the same again. Tune into Halita at 19:30, only on DStv CH 154 AM Family.  

Drama, drama, drama!

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