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A tad bit oblivious – Halita

20 March 2020
Halita's inability to show face regarding her suspicions about Max may mean more casualties.
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Mama Wani, sweet as she was sour. Very precise about what she wanted and never failing to display her disapproval for all things ill done – Her life was cut short by Max, a man armed with great rage and clouded judgement.

Though all of this happened during the first season, we just had to backtrack and analyze poor Halita’s absolute lack of cognitive skills. Assin, she caught Max laying out his plan on a bloody rug and though she spotted the droplets, she decided to heed Kaka’s advice and seal her lips.

Now, under normal circumstances, one does listen to a Kaka; the woman in whom one found favour and continuous grace. You listen to Kaka because all she ever did was serve you kindness and reassurance – But you do not risk being killed because Kaka tells you to relax. You absolutely do not turn your back and go about blinking obliviously while there might be a target on your head… On everyone’s head.

We just thought we should nib this spec in the behind and finally let you sigh. Like, Halita found the guy’s cuff right next to Mama Wani’s lifeless body but still refused to let the pin drop. She watched the man continue serving the rich Zamani army. How jare?!

As sour as this leaves our mouths, Halita is bound to make more damning mistakes and all we can do and watch and sigh!

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