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Naya's pregnancy wish list – Grandpa Knows Best

14 February 2024
Naya's pregnancy leads to shocking demands and a family secret is revealed. Can they find a compromise?
Naya's pregnancy wish list – Grandpa Knows Best

With the storm finally subsiding after Naya dropped the bombshell about Grandpa Tade being responsible for her pregnancy, the subsequent chapter unfolded in the form of a family gathering. Naya, accompanied by her spirited mother, presented a bold list of demands.

The audacious list
Naya's demands kicked off with a bold request for a lavish residence – a house in Lekki or a highbrow estate, to be exact (because why settle for a measly flat, right?). Next on the list are two house helps, a cook, and a fitness coach (because pregnancy is all about looking fabulous, apparently). In addition, Naya wants a three-month vacation to "ease pregnancy stress." But wait, there's more! Naya wants a cool 750,000 Naira allowance every month because, you know, birthing a human is practically a full-time CEO job (with way less responsibility).

Grandpa Tade's confession
As tensions escalated, Tade made a shocking confession – he was not the wealthy patriarch Naya assumed. Turns out, the big house? Belongs to his son. The fancy lifestyle? Funded by his sons. Plot twist! Grandpa Tade has been living the life of a champagne Papi on a sachet water budget.

The resolution
His sons, ever the responsible ones, suggested Naya move in with Grandpa and offered her a combined allowance of 160,000 Naira. Although there will be no mansion, no fitness coach, no three-month vacay, but hey, at least she gets a roof over her head and some spending money. Can't be that bad, right?

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