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Uju gets a reality check – Glass House

26 May 2024
The tables have turned in the Amadi household! Uju's elaborate scheme to sabotage Adaku's chances of having a baby has backfired spectacularly.
Uju gets a reality check – Glass House

Uju just got served a plate of karma, because she thought she could outsmart Adaku.

Let's rewind a bit.

So Uju wasn't exactly thrilled when Chief Amadi brought home a new, younger wife in hopes of having a son. So, what's a scorned wife to do? Why, sabotage Adaku's chances of getting pregnant, of course! She enlisted the help of the housemaid to spike Adaku's drinks with something that would prevent any bun-baking in the oven.

Watch Uju unleash her inner monster

A twist no one saw coming
Uju thought she was winning. She practically had a victory dance planned. But then, plot twist! Adaku announces she's with a child, leaving Uju confused. Turns out the maid was playing her boss by feeding Uju lies from the ever-pregnant Adaku!

Uju makes a huge mistake
Desperate to cling to her position as Chief Amadi's "number one wife," Uju latches onto a rumour from the maid – supposedly, the doctor told Adaku she couldn't have children! Empowered by this "intel" (which let's face it, wasn't exactly reliable), Uju bribes the doctor and confronts Adaku, demanding a pregnancy test. The result? Positive. 

Adaku's mastermind plan revealed
Turns out Adaku was playing Uju like a fiddle all along. She knew about the drink-spiking scheme and used it to her advantage, turning the maid into a double agent. Now, Uju's exposed, her plans in shambles, and her future in the Amadi household hanging by a thread.

Watch Adaku reveal her plan

Can Uju redeem herself or will she dig herself an even deeper hole? Tune in to Glass House, Mondays to Wednesdays at 8:30 pm on Africa Magic Showcase to find out.