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Who is Odumodu White? – Dust

26 May 2024
Dust is serving up some serious drama, but there's one character who always keeps things interesting – the hilarious, cunning, and oh-so-ambitious Odumodu White.
Who is Odumodu White? – Dust

Amidst the family feuds, high-stakes power struggles, and backstabbing, there's one character who cuts through the tension with his sharp wit and audacious hustle: Odumodu White. This isn't your typical heir apparent – Odumodu built his empire from the ground up. He's not afraid to use his cunning (or maybe even resort to abduction!) to get what he wants. We're diving deep into Odumodu White, a man who balances ruthless ambition with a surprisingly hilarious demeanour.

Don't be fooled by his demeanour 
Odumodu might crack jokes to lighten the mood, or portray a comical demeanour but don't let that fool you. This man is sharp as can be and ready to go toe-to-toe with the four families. He's not afraid to stand up to the formidable Hajiya Malaika Doherty, the most fierce of them all. He sees right through the families' elaborate power plays and isn't shy about calling them out – remember when he laughed at the Dohertys for their internal squabbles? Hilarious!

A self-made man with ambition burning bright
Here's the thing, Odumodu isn't some trust fund baby. He's built his success from the ground up, and he wants a piece of the Dust pie. He's got his sights set on the top, but unlike some of the other heirs, he doesn't have the luxury of a silver spoon. Respect for this self-made hustler!

All about his paper
Don't even think about messing with Odumodu's money. When Marcus Doherty crossed him, Odumodu didn't play around. Let's just say Marcus learned a valuable lesson about paying his debts – even family can't save you from Odumodu's wrath!

Watch Odumodu threaten Marcus

There's so much more to discover about Odumodu White, and we're here for it! Will his cunning and ambition land him at the top? How will he navigate the treacherous family politics in Dust? Reconnect now using the #MyDStv or #MyGOtv app and tune in to Dust weekdays on Africa Magic Showcase at 8:30 pm and get ready for the Odumodu White show – it's gonna be a wild ride!