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Make Your Pick: The AM Villains 'Versus'

24 May 2022
The Villains on AM TV shows go head-to-head in a battle of supremacy and you get to decide.
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We always wondered what face would pop up if we ever came across a magic mirror and asked” Mirror, Mirror on the wall? Who is the most villainous villain of all AM Shows?” Seeing as we don’t have a magical mirror nor do we know where to find one, we decided to create a poll for all our show villains in the battle for true supremacy and let you decide the ultimate villain.

Why stop there though? How about we put up all the different levels of ‘bad guys’ from the meanest villain to the simple, yet cruel henchmen, and have you decide who we should be very afraid of.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

The head villain in charge

Whether it's Venge or Dilemma, there is always a villain to whom all others answer. He/She calls the shot and everyone else falls in line. There will be a price on your head if you step out of line. Just ask UV from Dilemma.

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The head villain in charge

Who is the ultimate Africa Magic villain of all?

Venge’s Alhaji Owolabi25%
Dilemma’s mysterious Dembele75%
Dilemma's Tawa0%

The vicious frontman

Even though they aren’t the ultimate villains, they are known for being vicious and cruel. You might even be fortunate enough to survive should you confront the ultimate villain, but not these ones. Messing with them is a sure pathway to the afterlife. The only reason they aren’t ranked alongside the ultimate villains is simply because they answer to them.

The Vicious frontman

Who is the most vicious Front(Wo)man?

Dilemma's UV59%
Venge's William24%
Venge's Yemi6%
Dilemma's Zayn0%
Dilemma's Lady T12%

The hounding henchmen

There won’t be a villain without their henchmen. They do the dirty work to make it possible for world domination or drug trafficking in the case of Yabullahi and Mines control in Dembele’s case. Some of the henchmen aren't as villainous as they appear and even though they are often deeply conflicted when it comes to good and evil, in the end, they will always do the villain's bidding. So let’s not get carried away by their good looks or nervousness when faced with an evil decision. They are just as bad.

The Henchmen

Which henchman is the meanest?

Dilemma's Officer John0%
Venge's Timi15%
Venge's Kamara8%

Whew! Selecting them must be unnerving especially when you remember all the atrocities they've committed. Hopefully, they get what they deserve. Tune in to Dilemma and Venge on Africa Magic Showcase CH. 151 at 20:00 WAT and 20:30 WAT respectively.