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HOT new shows this January on Africa Magic!

04 January 2022
Get ready for premium entertainment this January.
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The year 2022 is about to be filled with delightful, entertaining, intriguing, and exciting TV shows. You get to start the year enjoying the very best of love, family, and drama as new seasons of Unmarried, Date My Family Nigeria and My Siblings and I return to your screens.

It’s dating season

Rejoice! Date My Family Nigeria is back for the third season. The finest suitor in town goes to dinner with three different families of potential partners just to find his or her chosen one. This is all shades of fun and we are sure you’re as excited as we are about this new season. Grab your remote and tune in to AM Showcase on the 9th of January by 18:00 WAT to catch the launch of the new season.

It's back to business for the Aderugbas

My Siblings and I is back for a fourth season! Yesss! We know how much you enjoyed it with plenty of laughter, drama and even attachment to the characters. Susan, the Oyinbo wife who loves everything Nigerian and the bossy Vivian who’s obsessed with all the latest designers? We know you missed them. Guess what? They are bringing you more drama this season. Catch the launch of the new season on AM Urban on the 10th of January at 20:30 WAT.

Hey, ladies!

So great to see Nengi, Funbi and Kamsi make their way back to our screens again. Something about these ladies just lights up the room. In the third season of Unmarried, we get to see life through the eyes of these amazing women. From heartbreak to divorce, family interference, childbirth, infidelity, love, trust, defiance and much more, Unmarried sheds light on them all. Get ready, fam. The show kicks off on the 12th of January on AM Showcase at 21:00 WAT.

Watch here

Nigerian Idol is back

What’s a New Year without music? Nigerian Idol is back and you definitely know how exciting that is. Nigerian Idol brings a new season of vocal talents to your screen. Music, entertainment, competition and everything in between like never before. We’ve also got something new to share Get ready for our big announcement this week!

Judging by these shows, you can tell 2022 is going to be one exciting ride on Africa Magic. Strap in and get ready for a ride of your life.