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Five ways to handle first date questions from the family – DMF Nigeria

10 January 2022
You're going to get the 3rd degree, but we'll help you get through it.

If you’ve been in the dating game for quite a while, you’ve probably mastered all the dating questions and attained the right composure to answer each one without breaking a sweat. Yeah, you’ve gotten smooth like that.😎

What happens though when the entire family asks you questions one after the other, like we have witnessed on our brand-new season of Date My Family Nigeria season 3 showing every Wednesday at 6 pm on Africa Magic Showcase? It’s a lot of pressure and sometimes can be quite unsettling. It's almost like being in front of an interview panel or disciplinary panel in some cases. What do you do? How do you handle the barrage of questions hurled at you?

We've got a few tips to help you with answering.

No lies… 
For some reason, we couldn’t explain as kids and still can’t explain as adults; parents can sniff out lies and red flags! Maybe it's because they aren't the ones in love with you, so they can still be quite objective when it comes to their analysis. They aren't clouded by emotion and romantic sentiment. They see you for who you are and if anything is amiss, they can spot it from a mile away. Also, like the mob, the family is well connected and everybody knows somebody that knows somebody. You might think you'll get away with the lie, but they'll find out from someone.

Be clear about your intentions
Of course, they will ask you what plans you have for their kid/brother/sister, so be clear about it. Now is not the time to stutter or beat around the bush. You’ve got to state your intentions clearly with your full chest when asked.

Please, no obscenities
We feel like we shouldn’t be pointing this out, but oh well. Steer clear of answering with obscene language and lewd jokes, not even if the head of the family makes them. Just chuckle and smile. Don’t give another in response (at least not on the first date). Save those types of jokes for later, or never.

Stay within your range
Questions lead to other topics of conversation. When this situation arises, always make sure you stick to topics you are well versed in. Don’t go chasing waterfalls or topics beyond your range. Veering off track or showing a lack of depth in conversations you are not familiar with, can cost you valuable points.

Grease a few palms
Yeah, we didn’t want to say bribery, but that’s really what it is. :joy: Buy something nice for the family. Take gifts for the siblings. That way, they take it easy with you when the questioning session starts. Who knows, they might end up skipping the questions or keep it light, saving you from the 3rd degree.

It’s really important you answer the first date questions from the family correctly. Well-articulated answers get great points and win the family over. With the family now on your side, it’s smooth sailing for you… well, as long as you don’t mess things up with your date.

Still unsure about how to handle pressure from the family? No worries, Date My Family shows every Wednesday at 6 pm on Africa Magic Showcase. Tune in and learn how and how not to answer those nagging first date questions and make a lasting impression.