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Third time's the charm – DMF Nigeria

12 January 2022
It took Shanna three tries until she eventually found her ideal man.
date my 3

Now, the whole idea of Date My Family is to date the families of three potential bachelors/bachelorettes before choosing one. In some cases, you might be lucky to find the one right from the first date. For Shanna however, it was on the third date.

What was most surprising was that her third date didn’t go as well as the first two dates. As a matter of fact, it did almost turn nasty when Shanna got into a tiff with her prospective date’s best friend.

Before we get to that drama, let's recap the first two dates.

Good vibes and a tasty meal

First, she met Adam's family and everything seemed to go smoothly. They went out of their way to prepare an indigenous delicacy for Shanna and she thoroughly enjoyed it. In addition, they did a good job showcasing Adam as a kind and romantic person searching for his missing rib. Judging from Shanna’s countenance, we really thought he was going to be the one, but she thought otherwise.

We don’t do submissive over here

Shanna's next date was with Isaac's family and dinner did start on a great note. His family were loving and they doted on Shanna treating her like they would an in-law. Things soon dipped the moment they asked Shanna what type of woman would she describe herself as seeing that Isaac was more of a traditional man and he’d be more interested in a submissive wife. Unfortunately or fortunately, Shanna didn’t see herself playing the role of a submissive woman. She cherished her independent and strong-willed nature and wasn't willing to let go of it for anyone. She did later agree that even if she had to, the man had to be truly worth it. Guess she didn’t think Isaac was. Ouch.

A feisty and protective best friend

What was supposed to be a simple dinner with Afolabi’s family almost turned into a catfight. We should have seen this coming the moment Afolabi’s best friend, Precious said “Afolabi has done better” the minute she saw Shanna. 

Shanna on her part had already started sensing negative vibes from Precious right from the moment she stepped in and not too long after, both ladies exchanged subtle clapbacks. Although Afolabi’s sister tried to salvage the situation as the date progressed, it didn’t stop Shanna from taking her to leave in the middle of her meal.

Afolabi’s sister did go after Shanna in her final bid to undo the wrong Precious had done. Maybe that was what did the trick because we were really surprised by what happened next.

Surprise surprise

We, along with the other two bachelors, were stunned when Shanna chose Afolabi. That was a real "E shock you" moment. She was disappointed he didn't have flowers waiting for her when she arrived at his place, but we can't blame him for that. He probably thought his best friend blew his chance. Speaking of best friend, guess who got demoted from the rank of bestie? Yup! Precious! There’s a new bestie/bae in Afolabi’s life.

Overall, it was an exciting first date and Shanna agreed to a second. It’s all up to you now, Afolabi. You better make this work.

Watch their date here

Loved how exciting this piece was? You should watch it for yourself then. Date My Family Nigeria shows every Sunday at 6:00 PM WAT on AM Showcase. Check it out.