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Send your message to TV - BBNaija

23 July 2023
Sharing your thoughts and comments with the other Big Brother Naija viewers has become effortless, and here's how you can do it.

Messages sent to the screen through the main website and the MyDStv and MyGOtv apps will be shown on screen first. 

The highly anticipated All-Star Season of Big Brother Naija premiers tonight, and fans from all over Africa and beyond are eagerly looking forward to the thrilling months ahead. Besides enjoying the show, viewers now have the opportunity to interact with the program, express their opinions, and connect with fellow fans.

To send your messages to the TV screen, there are several convenient methods available, and remember, messages sent to the screen through the main website, MyDStv and MyGOtv apps will be shown on screen first. 

Via the official Big Brother website

  • Visit the designated Big Brother Naija 'MSG2TV' page on the website.
  • Create an account using your Facebook credentials or personal details.
  • Log in to your account and submit your message.

There's no restriction on the number of messages you can send throughout the season, so feel free to share your thoughts frequently.

Using the MyDStv or MyGOtv apps

You can send your message to the MyDStv and MyGOtv apps by: 

  • Downloading the MyDStv App (on Google Play for Android and the App Store for Apple) or the MyGOtv App (Android and Apple).
  • Log in to the apps by selecting your country of subscription and providing your surname or mobile number and smartcard number.
  • Click on the "Explore More" button and then select "Type Messages Now."
  • Choose an avatar and type your message in the provided text field.
  • Hit the submit button to send your message directly to the TV screen.

Messages sent to the screen through the main website and MyDStv and MyGOtv apps will be shown on screen first! 

Commenting on the official Facebook page:

  • Engage with the posts on the official Facebook page, as your comments may be featured on TV.
  • You can either comment on existing posts or create your own post on the Big Brother Naija Facebook timeline.

Use #BBNaija on Instagram

Your opinions containing our official hashtag #BBNaija on Instagram may also get rolled out on the screen. Positive sentiment equals first preference in the queue, so play nice, guys!

Participating in on-screen polls:

  • Keep an eye out for regular polls related to Big Brother Naija on the official website.
  • The results of these polls will be displayed on the dedicated Big Brother channel.

With these simple and user-friendly methods, you can now actively participate in the Big Brother Naija experience and make your voice heard throughout the season. Don't miss this exciting opportunity to engage with the show and connect with fellow fans!

Big Brother Naija Season 8 starts on Sunday 23 July from 19:00 WAT on Africa Magic Showcase, Africa Magic Urban and Africa Magic Family channels. It will also air on the 24-hour channels 198 on DStv and 49 on GOtv. Fans across Africa will also be able to stream via African online streaming service, Showmax. Make sure you don’t miss anything from Biggie’s world on our website and be part of the #BBNaija gist on Twitter, InstagramFacebook and TikTok.