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Ebuka and the parrot exposing All Stars secrets – BBNaija

03 October 2023
What's a Big Brother Naija season without a bit of entertaining chaos?
Ebuka and the Parrot

The All Stars season of Big Brother Naija did not disappoint where drama and suspense were concerned. This season, Biggie had a new addition that left the All Stars and their fans in awe – a super nosy parrot.

Biggie's parrot was the absolute cutest thing ever as it stood majestically in the lounge, adding a gorgeous touch to the already stunning space. Well, all that cuteness quickly became a catalyst for gbas gbos when it played back gossip between fellow housemates, igniting fiery conflicts within the house.

Host Ebuka, known for his sharp questions and ability to stir the pot, joined forces with the parrot to create unforgettable moments this season. 

Watch the parrot's first strike: 

One of the parrot's most explosive revelations came when it released tea alleging that Doyin was Ilebaye's "puppet master" and an "instigator." As Seyi nonchalantly napped on the couch, Doyin decided to confront the issue head-on, making sure all the housemates could hear her as she called out the person spreading rumours about her behind her back. When Doyin exited the house, she left with a claim of being a misunderstood personality. Could the parrot have been the spark that set this feud alight?

Pere was left visibly shaken after the parrot revealed that someone had questioned his projection of strength while hiding a different personality on the inside. Speculation pointed fingers at Doyin, but she vehemently denied it. Pere was seen bent over on the couch, head close to his feet, with Biggie's houseguest Sholzy providing words of encouragement to keep his composure.

Watch Pere's reaction to the parrot: 

Not to be outdone by the parrot, during one of Ebuka's crossings to the house during the live evition show, he ratted out Angel as the mysterious letter-writing prankster. Angel, who was visibly suspicious that her cover would be blown, sat in disbelief as Venita (sitting right next to her) struggled to come to terms with the shocking revelation. Angel had anonymously penned a love letter to Adekunle, leading to mounting suspicion about the letter's authorship after Venita discarded it without reading it.

Watch Ebuka rat Angel out: 

During another live eviction show, as Mercy Eke casually sipped on her red drink from a clear glass, Ebuka directed a question to Venita about her relationship with Mercy Eke. Venita openly acknowledged the mistrust between them, cryptically expressing her desire to let the game conclude before addressing the issue. However, as soon as the live show ended, these two strong-willed ladies resolved their differences, though it began on shaky ground as the phoenix boldly assured the Pepper Dem winner that she wasn't afraid of her. Ebuka's question truly shook the table.

Meanwhile. Soma found himself on the spot when Ebuka presented him with a difficult choice – stay in the house with Angel or go home to his girlfriend waiting on the outside. Soma's decision was made without any hesitation, he chose to stay with Angel. When questioned further about the status of his outside relationship, Soma cleverly avoided giving a clear "yes" or "no" answer, instead throwing the question back at Ebuka, "What do you think, Ebuka?", All this gbas gbos, moments before Soma was evicted from the Big Brother All Stars house - the nerve Ebuka!

This season of Big Brother Naija has been filled with unexpected twists and gists, thanks to the addition of the nosy parrot and the probing questions from Big Brother Naija alumnus, now host of Africa's biggest reality show, Ebuka. 

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