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Day 8 - 30 Jul - Pere's women problems – BBNaija

31 July 2023
Pere finds himself in the middle of two female housemates locked in an intense and fiery beef; Alex and CeeC.
Pere women problems

The official bell for the first fight of the season has rang and the two housemates who featured in the shouting match were none other than Alex and CeeC. As the way things stand, there doesn’t seem to be a resolution in sight for the two, to such an extent that “The General” himself couldn’t avoid being caught in the crossfire of the drama. On Day 5, Pere and CeeC had a meeting in the bedroom at the request of the latter, who had been avoiding any awkward encounters and run-ins with him since the moment they were at each other’s throats. The one-on-one session was as unproductive as they come, with an upset CeeC hogging the mic the whole time and interjecting whenever Pere would try and speak to explain himself.

CeeC was not happy that Pere did not stand up for him when the fight broke out, going on to share that she even felt as if “The General” fuelled the fire between the two ladies instead of trying to calm them down and mediate peace. A word of advice from Pere to CeeC highlighted that she would do herself a favour by confronting any housemate who has made her feel uncomfortable throughout the season so far. As if it went through one ear to the other, CeeC proceeded to hit the ignore button and asked that they refrain from communicating with one another until the end of the show, to which Pere gave a thumbs up.

The dishing out of silent treatment to Pere did not end there, as Alex followed suit on Day 8, suggesting a similar arrangement. She would like her and Pere to not spend as much time together as they have become accustomed to enjoying, pulling away the friendship card while she was it, because she assumes that Pere is a little too close to CeeC – a situation that puts her in her feels and makes her extremely uncomfortable.

Pere tried to explain himself, adding that he does not have an eye of attraction towards CeeC in “that way”, but Alex disagreed.

It seems like most of the housemates except for Pere, the one who is at the centre of it all, sees him and CeeC as more than a situationship and potential romantic partners. Venita and Mercy Eke analysed Pere’s strategy, suggesting that he could make a calculated move by using a ship with CeeC to get ahead in Africa’s biggest reality TV show! He has since repeatedly made it clear to both Venita and Mercy Eke as well as Alex, that he will not be following this path of action.

A debrief session 

To make sense of the conversation he just had with Alex, Pere shared the gist with Cross who had assumptions of his own. For Cross, it’s either Alex likes him, or she thinks he has a romantic interest in CeeC, and that is upsetting for her because of their history and the current state of their relationship in the house. Pere on the other hand did admit to both Alex and Cross that he likes her. He is drawn to her because she is smart, and he likes smart women.

Cross has a theory: Alex and CeeC are using Pere as a strategy, and they are close enough not to communicate verbally, making it seem like they are beefing. Pere does not agree that they are that close, but said “They should take this nonsense away from me.”

Cross advised Pere to have another heart-to-heart with Alex. Will this make any difference, or will it just amplify the blaze that is already flaming?

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