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Day 70 – 1 Oct: Ebuka's Top 5 table-shaking moments of the season – BBNaija

01 October 2023
Here's a look at five times Ebuka almost gave the housemates heart attacks with his epic table-shaking moments in the All Stars season.

Ebuka's conversations with the housemates have always been entertaining, leaving both viewers and housemates shocked and entertained. Whether he is stirring up drama with thought-provoking questions or simply revealing housemate secrets like it's just another day at the market, 😆 His ability to shatter tables and navigate the conversations around them with ease has solidified his reputation as the ultimate master of the table shakers association. In light of this, let's take a look at five times Ebuka nearly turned the house on its head with his comments. 


Kiddwaya and Mercy Eke's kiss

Ebuka questioned Mercy Eke about a kiss she shared with Kiddwaya after the Saturday night rave on the fifth live episode of the season, but the Pepper Dem winner said she couldn't recall. Ebuka turned to Kiddwaya and asked him the same question, adding the phrase "Are you going to deny or be a straight talker?" in an effort to just scatter everywhere. That seemed to do the trick because Kiddwaya sang like a canary, satisfying Ebuka's curiosity.


Confirmation of Adenita and Somgel

Adekunle, Angel, Soma, and Venita were put on the spot on the sixth live show when Ebuka went straight to the point, asking them what it was they were all doing. Were they just vibing, or were they in actual relationships? Ebuka's direct approach left the housemates momentarily speechless as they exchanged nervous glances. Adenita and Somgel, however, mustered the courage to reveal the truth about their respective relationships. 


Angel's love letter 

Angel was put in the spotlight on the ninth live show when he asked her about the love letter she wrote to Adekunle, which had been a source of mystery in the house. Ebuka, who had previously revealed a letter was written to Adekunle, did not let the housemates know who wrote it until this particular Sunday. Venita was particularly shocked because Angel was one of those who comforted her when she expressed concern about Adekunle not telling her about the letter. 


Ceec's crush on Neoenergy

After Neoenergy's eviction, Ceec had spoken a couple of times about how good he looked and how he was eye candy, but never said too much about him. Ebuka, however, did his thing and asked Ceec to spill the tea about how she truly felt about Neoenergy. Luckily for viewers, Ceec was in a mood to quench their thirst as she revealed that if she did not have a relationship at present, she would have moved for a relationship with Neoenergy. We wonder how this would have played out with Tolanibaj in the mix.🤔


Ike and Venita's friendship

In his manner of asking the housemates point-blank questions, Ebuka also brought up the topic of Ike and Venita's friendship. He questioned Ike about the two drifting apart and what the problem was. This wasn't asked to shock the housemates, but it definitely opened their eyes to the fact that Biggie could notice subtly dynamic changes in the house. A fact that made the housemates realise Biggie really meant business.


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