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Day 63: 24 Sept: A lit but split Saturday night rave – BBNaija

24 September 2023
Shippers separated but the guys united, inspiring the female All Stars to do the same.

Nothing quite sets the stage for memorable moments like a Saturday night rave in the All Stars house. As the night unfolded, it became evident that this particular evening was no exception. 

If one were to compare the energy levels, it was clear that the guys had brought an uncontainable surge of party spirit. From the moment the music started thumping through the speakers, the male housemates seemed determined to outdo themselves. Their enthusiasm peaked when they formed a spontaneous dance circle that seemed to threaten the structural integrity of the house's floorboards. The excitement was palpable, and it was almost as if they had been rehearsing their moves in secret.

Among the male housemates, the bromance between Adekunle and Pere stood out as one of the night's highlights. These two were often found dancing in perfect sync, leaving everyone wondering if they had secretly choreographed their dance routine beforehand. Their synergy on the dance floor was nothing short of mesmerising. 

On the other side of the party room, the female housemates initially appeared more scattered, each occupying their own dance space. However, unity prevailed as the night wore on, and the ladies began to find their rhythm together. Notably, Venita and Angel were frequently spotted dancing side by side, their infectious energy radiating throughout the room

Soma and Angel didn't spend as much time dancing together during this rave after their fallout earlier, but their connection was still evident. Somgel gradually gravitated toward each other as the night progressed, and they treated everyone to their signature lit dance moves, showcasing their strong connection. 

Angel and Soma's fallout

In a beautiful display of sisterhood, the female housemates later formed a circle of their own, solidifying their unity. Ilebaye danced by herself on the other side of the room spotted with Adekunle now and again. 

Before the party officially started, Adekunle dropped a hint about a plan that had been brewing. He mentioned, "Kiddwaya's dream is finally coming true," referring to Kiddwaya's previous idea of segregating the house between boys and girls. 

This concept had been explored during Cross's HoH reign when he chose an all-male group as his BFFs. Ilebaye continued the trend by selecting only the girls this week. However, it was evident that unity among the remaining female All Stars was not as strong as one might expect. Earlier in the evening, tensions flared as Ceec threatened to confront someone whom Venita had referred to as "Biggie's puppet."  

Will these moments of discord move beyond the house or will there be unity between the sexes? 

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