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Day 61: 22 Sept: Head butting during wager preparation – BBNaija

22 September 2023
Housemates grapple with their upcoming wager presentation as they grow weary of Ilebaye's instructions.
Ilebaye and Mercy Eke fight

In the wake of a calming mindfulness exercise in the All Stars arena on a tense Friday morning, HoH and Finalist Ilebaye gathered the housemates to prepare for an impending wager presentation. Tensions flared as Soma, napping on the couch and complaining about fatigue from the previous night's party, and Adekunle, expressing frustration about instructions, challenged Ilebaye's call for cooperation. 

"Baye, we need quiet," exclaimed Ceec, growing increasingly impatient with Ilebaye's instructions. But the most surprising turn of events came when Mercy Eke, known for her cool demeanour, shouted at Ilebaye to keep quiet and then walked away, leaving everyone stunned.

Watch the moment:

One of the major points of contention among the housemates was the role of Ilebaye as HoH. Many felt that she had failed to be a team player during the reigns of other housemates. Now, as the HoH herself, she was giving out orders, and this did not sit well with some of her fellow contestants. It was a classic case of "what goes around comes around."

The frustrations of the housemates can be traced back to Day 59 when Ilebaye clashed with Venita over a sponsored task. Venita believed that Ilebaye was not actively participating in the task preparation but instead chose to indulge herself with food. In a vengeful turn of events, Venita, when Ilebaye called for the housemates to prepare for the wager, decided to take her sweet time baking and eating, seemingly paying Ilebaye back for her perceived lack of teamwork.

Now, the day of reckoning has arrived. The wager presentation looms large, and there's still an enormous amount of work left undone. Pressure is building, and the question on everyone's mind is whether the housemates will manage to pull off a win in their current state of disarray with Ilebaye.

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