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Day 57 – 18 Sept: Social media meets the future – BBNaija

18 September 2023
The All Stars have the task of imagining the technological advancements of our world 50 years from now.
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The theme of the week in the BBNaija house is social media and everything futuristic. For their wager challenge, the All Stars are to imagine, develop, and present three items they believe would be items of the future, 50 years from today. They are to invent and create 3D models of their imagination and prepare for a presentation of these futuristic devices, showcasing how they will operate.

Cross, the Head of House, read the brief outlining the week's theme in the lounge, which immediately sparked conversation about potential wager challenge ideas. The housemates gathered around, brainstorming ideas for their futuristic inventions. They were determined to think outside the box and create something truly groundbreaking. 

The ideas shared were futuristic inventions wrapped around social media trends. Some of the ideas shared were:

Venita's influencer glasses: In Venita's concept, while worn, the glasses scan the surroundings of the wearer and provide them with real-time updates on everything that is popular, noteworthy and trending within their vicinity. The ability to display important statistics of everyone in front of the user is another feature of these smart wearables.


Soma's AI Wardrobe: Soma described a box that allows users to walk into a wardrobe-like box in which they can take pictures, and the user can then select different outfits from a virtual closet. The intelligence in the box uses algorithms to suggest outfits based on user preferences and post them to social media. 

Pere's TV/social media on the go: Pere proposed a ring connected to a device worn in the user's eyes; upon tapping the ring, the device in the user's eyes projects a screen that is only visible to them, on which they can watch curated content and access their favourite social media sites. 

With these ideas, we are eager to see what the housemates come up with for their wager presentation and how they will incorporate these innovative technologies into their performance. It will be interesting to witness the creativity and potential impact of combining social media and futurism in a unique and engaging way. 

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