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Day 47 – 8 Sept: What potential drama could Pere be igniting for the All Stars? – BBNaija

08 September 2023
The General intends to stir up controversy, and it might happen at any time.

After the pool and grill party, Pere revealed to Neoenergy that he was going to change his attitude towards certain housemates, and they would not see it coming. "I am about to unleash hell on some certain individuals, and I will do it calmly," he said as he spoke about switching up on fellow All Stars. 

Who these housemates are can be left to speculation, but Pere's determination to shake things up was evident in his words. It remains to be seen how this change in attitude will affect the dynamics within Biggie's house and whether it will lead to unexpected alliances or conflicts among the All Stars.  

This is not the first time Pere has promised to bring drama to the house, as he made the same remarks during the previous week while having a chat with Ike and Seyi, letting them know that he was going to cause drama for fellow housemates if he survived the week's eviction. Biggie's parrot revealing what was said about him yesterday might just be the catalyst for Pere's plans to create wahala in the house. 

This morning, "The General" maintained a quiet mood as he observed the other housemates. His calm demeanour seemed to be strategic, perhaps to throw off any suspicion or anticipation of his next move. It was clear that Pere was carefully calculating his steps, waiting for the perfect moment to unleash his dramatic side and shake things up in what has already been an entertaining BBNaija All Stars season. 

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