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Day 46 - 7 Sept: Six ways Big Brother Naija shapes conversations about earth conservation – BBNaija

07 September 2023
Discover how Big Brother's unique elements prompt discussions about environmental conservation, shaping more Earth-conscious housemates.
Earth conservation

Television meets environmental consciousness in a unique twist as Big Brother introduces sustainability and eco-friendly living to the All Stars house. This season, the housemates are not only competing for the grand prize of 120 Million Naira but are also challenged to become stewards of the environment. Let us explore the innovative ways Big Brother ensures that the All Stars are preserving the earth and living a green life, with a particular focus on this week's theme. 

1. Environmental tasks

Big Brother often incorporates environmental tasks into the game, challenging housemates to engage in eco-friendly activities. These tasks not only add excitement to the show but also serve as valuable educational tools.

This week's theme in the Big Brother house revolves around creativity, teamwork and environmental responsibility. Housemates are tasked with creating decorative trees using recycled materials found in the house. This challenge encourages them to rethink ways to repurpose waste and turn it into art, all while promoting sustainability. Under Sholzy's HoH reign, the housemates have cleverly used bottles and boxes to create four of the trees required for the task, without adequate resources from Biggie, although this led to a quarrel in the morning. 

Watch the quarrel between Venita and HoH Sholzy over the wager preps

In addition to the tree-making task, housemates are assigned potted plants to nurture throughout the week. These plants serve as a metaphor for environmental stewardship and require consistent care and attention. Being responsible for plants fosters a deeper connection to nature. Housemates become more attuned to the needs of these living organisms, encouraging empathy for the environment. Houseplants are known for their air-purifying qualities, which contribute to a healthier indoor environment. This benefits the housemates by improving air quality in the Big Brother house.

2. Recycling and upcycling

Tasks that involve recycling or upcycling materials promote the idea that everyday items can be repurposed or reused. This can inspire viewers to adopt similar practices in their own lives. 

3. Resource management

One of the core elements of the Big Brother house, is resource management. Housemates are provided with the necessary supply of food, water and other essentials when they lose a wager, forcing them to make careful choices to sustain themselves throughout the week. This aspect of the game mirrors the importance of resource conservation in the real world. The scarcity of resources in the Big Brother house serves as a reminder of our planet's finite resources. It prompts one to reflect on the need for responsible consumption in their daily lives.

4. Competition for resources

The competition for resources in the house can lead to discussions about equitable distribution and the consequences of resource scarcity, which are important topics in the context of global resource challenges. Before housemates lose a wager, adequate food consumption is never a point of discussion. 

5. Outdoor challenges

Challenges set in the garden remind housemates and viewers of the beauty of nature. They also underscore the importance of preserving the natural environment for future generations.

6. Energy and water conservation 

Housemates are often tasked with saving energy and water, encouraging responsible consumption habits that can be carried into their lives outside the house. For instance, hot water is available at specific times, conserving both water and energy. 

Through resource management, environmental tasks, and conservation tactics, the Big Brother Naija not only entertains but also educates and inspires change. 

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