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Day 45 – 6 Sept: Housemates gear up for a wager win – BBNaija

06 September 2023
What could be motivating the housemates to achieve wager success?
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The All Stars spent the better part of their day preparing for their wager challenge, working together seamlessly and utilising their individual strengths to maximise their chances of success. There was a lot of wood drilling and painting as they prepared their trees and other artefacts in preparation for their wager presentation, which is in line with the theme of the week that revolves around saving planet Earth. Let's take a look at where the motivation, dedication and effort in preparing for the wager challenge may be stemming from.  

The Sholzy effect

Unlike the previous Head of House, Sholzy's new reign has seen him being hands-on about making sure each housemate contributes to the success of the challenge. Sholzy's leadership style has created a positive and collaborative atmosphere within Biggie's house, motivating everyone to give their best. Under his guidance, the housemates have become more efficient and focused, ensuring that every task is completed with precision and attention to detail. 

Motivated by hunger

The housemates might be taking this week's wager challenge preparations seriously because they are done with the absence of food in Biggie's house, which they caused by losing last week's maximum wager stake. The hunger in the house might have pushed them to their limits and motivated them to work together as a team, knowing that their efforts would not only lead to victory in the challenge but also a well-deserved meal. The shared goal of satisfying their appetites has united them and fueled their determination to succeed.

Whatever the case may be, it is interesting to see how dedicated the All Stars are to achieving their goals. It seems, however, that this new-found commitment could be hard to maintain if future Head of House winners lack the same level of leadership and motivation that Sholzy has. The All Stars' success in wager challenges relies heavily on strong leadership. Without it, their unity and determination may waver, making it difficult for them to continue working together effectively.  This was demonstrated in last week's failure which was a result of Doyin's lack of persuasion when the housemates were planning for their wager.

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