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Day 43: 4 Sept: KimOprah's mysterious tapdance between Cross and Pere – BBNaija

04 September 2023
Is there a love triangle brewing between KimOprah, Cross, and Pere or is it all just innocent friendship?
Love triangle

Romantic entanglements and love triangles are not new to the Big Brother Naija house. One such perplexing ship has unfolded with KimOprah as the central figure, caught between a web involving two of her closest allies in the house, Cross and Pere

From the moment KimOprah became a Big Brother Naija All Stars house guest, her bonds with both Cross and Pere became evident. She quickly became inseparable from Cross, even earning herself the coveted "BFF" badge during a special HOH challenge, where Cross negotiated two badges with Doyin. This closeness didn't go unnoticed, as fellow housemate Whitemoney expressed his feelings in song, implying that Cross had taken something precious away from him—referring to KimOprah.

However, despite the undeniable connection between Cross and KimOprah, they have not officially confirmed being in a romantic ship. During a conversation with Ilebaye, the pepper dem alumnus remained elusive when asked about her feelings for Cross and whether she wanted to pursue a romantic relationship with him. Ilebaye, who had shared a passionate kiss with Cross, encouraged KimOprah to have fun and pursue Cross if she desired. This left the door open for KimOprah to explore her feelings further.

Watch Ilebaye speak to KimOprah about the kiss: 

KimOprah has been seen oscillating between Cross and Pere, particularly when she was feeling low and needed someone to vent to. On Day 42, viewers observed her placing her head on Pere's shoulders, only to find her moments later lying in bed with Cross.

KimOprah's emotional turmoil came to the forefront when she was upset about her inability to sing for the previous week's wager. She sought solace from both Pere and Cross on different occasions. Pere even offered to address the issue on her behalf, but KimOprah declined. When she confided in Cross about her woes, he took it upon himself to address KimOprah's pain with Whitemoney, who is another close friend of Cross in Biggie's house.

The question on everyone's mind is whether their bond can withstand the pressure of a potential love triangle. Will KimOprah ultimately choose between the two, or will her heart remain undecided?

To add another layer of complexity to the situation, Pere has encouraged Neoenergy to pursue KimOprah. Is Pere genuinely in the running for KimOprah's heart or has he bowed out of the race? 

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