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Day 41 – 2 Sept: Post wager loss reactions – BBNaija

02 September 2023
Sadness and blame were the order of the day for the housemates after their wager loss.

The loss of their weekly wager is touching the All Stars in more ways than one. Some housemates expressed disappointment, while others pointed fingers and blamed each other for their failure. The negative result not only affects their spirits but also the unity within Biggie's house, while serving as a harsh reminder that every decision and action carries consequences that may not be in favour of what fellow housemates wagered.

The blame game

Immediately after the wager presentation, Neoenergy said to Pere that certain fellow All Stars, namely Ilebaye, were happy for the loss of their wager. Prince Nelson, in a conversation with Alex, predicted that the house was about to descend into chaos. He maintained that blame was being assigned when they were all clearly guilty. Ceec on the other hand, blamed Whitemoney for hoarding the wager preparation process. 

Head of house Doyin wasn't subtle in her blame game as she named Ceec and Ilebaye for sabotaging the wager preparations, adding that Venita only came through at the last minute. As for Seyi and Ike, they talked about how they must punish Ilebaye for the answer she gave Biggie about wanting to act, and when she found out that it was a skit, she pulled out.

Comforters committee

Whitemoney, whose sacrifices were highlighted by Big Brother, took the loss of the wager calmly as he was alone in a corner before Mercy Eke and Seyi came to him offering words of comfort. Both Seyi and Mercy Eke let him know that he did his best on the task even with limited resources. Whitemoney said he was touched by the defeat and the nonchalance of the All Stars; for him, it was not just about losing the wager but losing the one thing he is very good at, which is music. Seyi let Whitemoney know that he did not lose the wager, the house lost it. He concluded by apologising to him, saying he contributed to it.

Missing foodstuff

On a lighter note, Soma brought to Doyin's attention the fact that all the onions had gone missing from the kitchen. This action prompted them to recall a particular incident where an unnamed housemate hid a tuber of yam in their belongings. While this might look trivial, the housemates are about to witness some major hoarding of food items even before hunger hits.

Although it is easy to apportion blame and point fingers at any number of individuals who participated in the wager presentation, will everyone eventually move past this defeat, embrace unity, and practice teamwork? The following weeks will reveal all.

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