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Day 40 – 1 Sept: An Afrobeat-a-thon loss – BBNaija

01 September 2023
The All Stars have lost their music wager.

In a dramatic turn of events, the All Stars have lost their weekly wager challenge. Over and above this, the housemates also lost a total of 9500 in Moniepoint coins that they had staked just before their presentation, thereby forfeiting their weekly shopping in the process.

The challenge which held immense promise and excitement, was to create a 15-minute-long afrobeat song. That was not all; they also had to develop a 10-minute interesting skit which was to be split into a two-part top and tail execution with the explicit requirement of tying into the overall track; one at the beginning of the performance and the second at the end. To prepare for this task, each housemate had to play different roles. The roles included vocalists, songwriters, song producers, skit developers, and talent management. 

The housemates faced the ultimate test of their musical and dramatic prowess, and after all the initial hype before the performance, the delivery was an anticlimax that left the All Stars baffled and disappointed, because the overall result was a loss.

The road taken

Earlier this week, some housemates confided in Biggie in their diary sessions about the uncertainty of their wager task. The lackadaisical attitude of head of house Doyin, was also raised and this created fear for the outcome of their final presentation. Sholzy, in a conversation with Doyin and Pere said "HoH has power," insisting that Doyin could have made the housemates attend the wager preparations meeting. Doyin took part of the blame as she said, "To be fair, I also did not do what I was supposed to do." The pressure that comes with their wager tasks is one that seems to be constant, and the road taken is never devoid of bumps. This week was no different.

Music, drama, and defeat

From performing a rib-cracking parody of each other to a catchy afrobeat tune, the housemates put up a creative performance to secure a win, but that was not enough. Their lack of unity in their wager preparations and disregard for Biggie's rule that each housemate plays a part in the execution didn't go unnoticed, thereby contributing to their defeat. We guess hunger wasn't a strong motivator for the housemates.

This is not the first time the housemates have tasted defeat but with impending hunger coming their way, will they learn their lessons, reflect on their actions and take on next week's wager challenge with renewed vigour? Let's see how it plays out.

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