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Day 34 – 26 Aug: Trouble in Somgel paradise, again – BBNaija

26 August 2023
Once again, Angel and Soma find their situation-ship on mute, even after a successful wager presentation and HoH tenure.
Soma and Angel issues

The BBNaija All Stars season has witnessed its fair share of ups and downs, specifically between ships, with none being more captivating than the unfolding drama between the reigning Head of House, Soma and his ship-mate, Angel. What seemed to be a serene and idyllic connection has now been rocked by turbulent waves, leaving one wondering if there is an end in sight for the twists and turns that are slowly becoming a permanent feature in their attraction towards each other.

Watch this week's wager win: 

Soma's tenure as house leader for the week has been marked by tranquillity and harmony. The couple seemed to be riding on the crest of mutual affection, sharing stolen moments of tenderness amidst the competitive chaos of the game. Notably, after an intense workout session yesterday, a thoughtful Soma treated Angel to what could only be described as the "ultimate princess treatment." He pampered her with warm hot chocolate as she rested, and even hand-fed her a sandwich. 

A bright moment soon followed as Angel entered the diary room, her jovial mood radiating through the screen. In a surprising turn, she playfully alluded to Soma and herself being a "family," drawing parallels to her teddy bear doll, Cassie, whom she lovingly referred to as their "child." This light-hearted banter reached its peak as she humorously dubbed herself the "breadwinner" of their unconventional household.

However, their tranquil space of bliss headed in the complete opposite direction today, as the couple's bond seemed to face a trial by fire. Prior to the Titus Sardines task, Soma's patience wore thin as housemates took their time to assemble for the task briefing. His outburst was met with defiance from none other than Angel, who chose to challenge his authority by deliberately delaying her presence in the lounge. The incident leaves one pondering whether this moment of rebellion was the catalyst for the disquiet that followed.

In the wake of the wager presentation and an evening of comedic performances, a palpable shift in the atmosphere became evident. Soma's keen eye did not miss Angel's altered demeanour, visible through her uncharacteristic silence and aloofness. Opting to respect her apparent need for space, Soma decided to withdraw to the garden, leaving Angel to her own devices. Seeking solace and perspective, Soma turned to Doyin, whose unique insight on the value of having a companion to engage with offered some perspective for Soma. 

The question on everyone's minds lingers: Did the episode in the lounge pave the way for Angel's low spirits and subsequent withdrawal? As the sun set on the day, Angel chose seclusion over interaction, retreating to an upstairs room where she engaged in solitary activities like dining and partaking in a game of pool. The air of silence has cast a shadow on the once-vibrant and inseparable couple goals, leaving us all to wonder whether this rocky ship will chart a course to calmer seas or face further storms?

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