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Day 30 – 22 Aug: From the pursuit of happiness to wahala – BBNaija

22 August 2023
An introspective and calming workshop led to an aggressive aftermath.
Pursuit of happiness

The All Stars house recently witnessed a potentially transformative workshop on happiness and self-care. Facilitated by Hamisha Daryani Ahuja, the session provided a rare opportunity for the housemates to delve into their definitions of happiness and explore the concept of self-care. However, what began as an introspective journey took a sharp turn into a realm of emotional intensity and conflict, leaving a trail of aftermath that begs the question: Can these housemates find calm amidst the chaos?

Housemates were given a platform to share their perceptions of happiness. Astonishingly, their definitions converged around the belief that happiness is a personal choice, an internal journey, and a perpetual pursuit of a higher self. Amid the consensus, Ceec offered her perspective that happiness is an ongoing journey towards self-improvement. As the workshop unfolded, diverse opinions emerged on the nature of happiness. Adekunle offered a contrasting view, asserting that happiness is incapable of lasting indefinitely. 

Watch the housemates define  what happiness means to them:

Hamisha Ahuja posed a thought-provoking question: "I will be happy when...?" This query prompted introspection as housemates confronted their triggers for happiness. Amid their attempts to complete the sentence, a window opened into their aspirations and desires.

Gratitude practice and emotional outbursts

The workshop moved into a gratitude practice and meditation which seemingly took an unforeseen turn when emotions ran high afterwards. Tolanibaj, in a moment of heightened emotion, lashed out at Ilebaye, directing insults at her. The catalyst for this confrontation was Tolanibaj's perceived intrusion into Neoenergy's personal space.

Tolanibaj's emotional outburst was not an isolated incident. Similar incidents involving Tolanibaj's discomfort with female housemates near Neoenergy were noted, particularly the incident where she made Ilebaye leave Neoenergy's bed.

Watch Tolanibaj come for Ilebaye: 

The conflict in the house escalated further when two new house guests, Kim Oprah and Lucy, clashed over the self-care task. This resulted in Lucy's request for a voluntary exit from the house. In a candid conversation with Mercy Eke, Lucy admitted her relief at not having unpacked her bags, indicating her intent to leave. 

Will the pressure get to more housemates and we see more requests for exits, or will they do more self-care and manage the pressure from a place of calmness and self-control? 

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