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Day 28 – 20 Aug: Are Alex and Ceec building a friendship? – BBNaija

20 August 2023
Fans are eager for a sismance between Alex and Ceec.

Wonders shall never cease! After the Saturday night rave, Alex, Ceec, and Soma had a conversation about Neo and the women in his life; but there was something peculiar about this conversation, that struck a chord with BB Naija fans across the worldwide web. It was how Alex and Ceec were involved in casual conversation, without any awkwardness or tension threatening the peace. The two have been famously embroiled in a rollercoaster relationship that many see as a "fued", since they fell out during Big Brother Naija Double Wahala.

As history goes, Ceec was in a ship with fellow housemate Tobi, until his newfound friendship with Alex in that same season, caused wahala. The bad blood seems to have followed the two into the All Stars house, over four years later. Ceec and Alex have been at loggerheads this season over tasks, as well as over their individual friendships with Pere, who likes them both. Althought the two fiesty ladies have mentioned to anyone who will listen, just how much they don't trust each other and how difficult it is for them to relate, some BB Naija fans across the continent have been vocal about their wish to see these two bury the hatchet and proceed as a sismance that serves premium gist and gossip, with a sprinkle of harmless fights thrown in the mix of course!

Are Alex and Cee finally ready to move past their history and forge a new friendship? 

Below are a few reactions from social, following Ceec and Alex's less hostile interaction last night.

Will Alex and Ceec be able to overcome their past conflicts and build a genuine friendship? Only time will tell! One thing is clear though; their interaction has sparked curiosity and excitement among viewers. Are you ready for this sismance?

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