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Day 26 – 18 Aug: Ike trashes Ilebaye's locker – BBNaija

18 August 2023
A confused Ilebaye was woken up to learn that her belongings have been scattered across the All Stars house.
Ilebaye trashed locker

Tensions in the All Stars house escalated in the early hours of this morning, when Ike trashed Ilebaye's locker, stole her coins and tossed her clothing, including her intimates, on the bathroom floor. 

The incident transpired following a conversation involving Ike, KiddwayaSeyi, and Pere, who decided they would set a plan in motion to see her get what they hope will be her third strike, which would result in her eviction from the competition. Ilebaye received a double-strike last week, following her quarrel with Ceec. The proposition was attributed to Pere, with Ike readily agreeing to partake in the plan. 

Ike marched to Ilebaye's locker and proceeded to pull out her clothes and intimate items from the locker. He took some of these belongings to the bathroom, where he ditched them on the floor. Ike proceeded to steal Ilebaye's coins, adding to the growing stash that he has stolen thus far. 

Venita and Seyi were present while all this was going on and responded with laughter. Venita however then questioned Ike's motivations, asking: "Why are you angry? I can't be part of this. This is bad," then decided to leave the scene, with Seyi following suit, but not before adding: "The game has just begun."

A subsequent conversation between Ike and Seyi offered insight into Ike's intentions. Ike, seemingly pleased with his actions, claimed, "This one will hit her. She will cry tomorrow." Seyi appeared amused, even going as far as to dance along. The two reached an agreement not to disclose the incident, effectively concealing their involvement. However, in a later conversation with Mercy Eke, Seyi revealed Ike's actions and the two laughed about the incident.

Watch Ike trash Ilebaye's locker: 

In another conversation, AngelFrodd, Mercy Eke and Pere, (who feigned ignorance the whole time) weighed in on the matter. While Mercy Eke expressed her disinterest in playing a babysitting role for Ilebaye, Frodd questioned Pere about his expectations regarding their involvement. Angel, on the contrary, voiced her disappointment and called for an investigation into the incident. She argued that Big Brother would view the incident as a provocation, a viewpoint contested by Mercy Eke and Frodd. 

As events continued to unfold, Mercy collected Ilebaye's scattered belongings from the bathroom floor and returned them to the locker. Angel took it upon herself to wake Ilebaye and show her the extent of the damage done by Ike. Ilebaye remained composed throughout the ordeal, sorting through her belongings and packing them away.

Earlier in the evening, Kiddwaya flipped the script on Ilebaye during the task presentation, choosing to promote his business, instead of what they had planned. This led to Doyin, Angel and Ilebaye confronting him later, calling him selfish for his deed. 

Watch the aftermath of Kiddwaya's actions

Will Ilebaye continue to maintain her composure considering the curveballs being thrown her way?

The house reacts:

After waking up to the news that Ilebaye's locker had been trashed, many of the housemates who had been fast asleep were taken aback by the drama. Cross, who is close to Ilebaye, expressed his shock and revealed he will cut ties with the culprit, even if he finds out who it is, outside the house. Cross then told Doyin he suspects Kiddwaya did it. "He has been saying he wants to be the most savage housemate in BB Naija history, so it might be him. People say it’s a game, but it’s bringing out the worst in some people. All these things are scaring me. People are showing different colours."

Doyin, on the other hand, revealed how Ilebaye had to toss out all her bikinis and underwear because they are ruined. "She has nothing to wear for the rest of the season. She’s scared to do anything because she has two strikes," she revealed. When all the housemates eventually gathered in the garden, Doyin voiced out her displeasure, announcing to all that what had happened to Ilebaye was mean and the culprit should be ashamed of their actions. Ceec also showed her disapproval. In a discussion with Doyin, she said: "Even if the person will not talk, people saw the culprit do it - and they’re all quiet. It is madness".

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