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Day 26 – 18 Aug: Ike and Soma get a strike each – BBNaija

18 August 2023
Ike and Soma get a strike for breaking the rules of the Big Brother house.

The second set of strikes has been issued by Big Brother who was yet again forced to intervene in house politics among the All Stars which have now escalated from being just an entertaining game, to what is now clearly acts of provocation, goading, bullying and victimization that have been playing out. Well according to Biggie, enough is enough.

After successfully completing their wager presentation on Friday evening, the high spirits of bouncing back from last week’s wager failure were marred by a dark cloud as the housemates were summoned to the lounge for a surprise reveal that most were asking for throughout the greater part of Friday – after the incident involving Ilebaye’s clothes being scattered all over the bathroom as an aftermath to the Thursday night pool and grille party got them questioning who actually did it.

The clip of the incident that everyone was pondering about was played for all to see and the awe-stricken housemates watched as Ike, Pere, Cross, Seyi and Kiddwaya shared ill-intentioned words about Ilebaye, only for Ike, who had vehemently denied committing the act when asked about it by fellow housemates, deciding to take matters further by ransacking the Gen Z baddie’s locker – in front of an on-looking Seyi and Venita.

“Big Brother has watched in horror the level of toxicity that some of you have chosen…” exclaimed Biggie, as he proceeded to enforce a guilty judgment on Ike by issuing him with his first strike of the All Stars season.

The impact of Big Brother’s rule of law didn’t end there as a second clip was then played, this time showing Soma committing an act of harassment against his supposed shipmate, Angel.

As it may, the only alumnus from Big Brother Naija: See Gobbe also received his first strike of the All Stars season from a disappointed Biggie who expressed his dismay at the display of utter disrespect to Big Brother that concluded with Soma flipping his finger at the camera.

The initial reaction from housemates, namely Doyin, who is a close confidant of Ilebaye, was one of unapologetic anger – notably directed at Venita who watched in silence as Ike carried out the act that landed him a strike.

One can only wonder what the social repercussions will be after tonight’s punishments and how will this shape the house dynamics moving forward in the upcoming weeks.

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