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Day 22 – 14 Aug: Angel and Ike's chicken clash – BBNaija

14 August 2023
The two All Stars beefed over chicken after a tense eviction live show.
Angel and Ike row

The All Stars house was once again the stage for high tensions and dramatic clashes as housemates Angel and Ike found themselves in a heated argument over chicken. A few hours after Uriel was evicted from the house, what started as a seemingly trivial disagreement quickly escalated into a full-blown confrontation that highlighted the simmering tension between the two. 

The catalyst for the feud was a statement from Ike, who casually mentioned his intention to eat downstairs and upstairs. This comment triggered Angel, who lashed out at Ike, labelling him a tyrant for his remarks. This incident wasn't the first time Angel had questioned Ike's leadership as head of house, revealing an undercurrent of dissatisfaction with his decision-making.

A previous clash during the Tecno task on Day 20 had already exposed their conflicting perspectives. When Ike was given the task of determining the order in which housemates would choose their music video outfits, he opted to prioritise his team members. This decision did not sit well with Angel, who criticised Ike for not being fair in his approach.

The kitchen became the battleground for their latest confrontation. Fellow housemates looked on, choosing to remain on the sidelines as Angel and Ike exchanged verbal shots. Ike told Angel that she can't comment about food when she can't even cook. "I don't need the money, you do," Angel clapped back. In a daring move, Angel challenged Ike to touch the chicken and witness the consequences. Ike, seemingly reluctant to engage in the escalating conflict, opted to focus on blending ingredients instead. However, his hesitation was not overlooked by Kiddwaya, who decided to provide him with a pep talk, urging him to stand up for himself.

In the midst of the dispute, Ike and Kiddwaya engaged in a conversation that revealed the depth of Ike's frustration. He expressed the belief that if Angel were male, her behaviour might have resulted in a strike. Kiddwaya, acting as a supportive voice, encouraged Ike to assert himself and not shy away from confrontations.

Ike's determination to do so became evident as he declared that Angel would need earplugs to handle the noise he was about to unleash. He went a step further, announcing his intention to sleep downstairs in the same room as Angel, a move that highlighted his resolve to stand his ground.

The quarrel over a piece of chicken raises the question of whether more conflicts will emerge in the coming days, especially in the aftermath of the housemates' recent wager loss. 

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