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Day 20 - 12 Aug: How well do you know Nollywood? – BBNaija

12 August 2023
Gather your wits and dive into the enchanting realm of Nigerian film by taking the Big Brother Naija Hollywood quiz.
Nollywood theme

As the Big Brother Naija All Stars house takes a cinematic turn with its Nollywood-themed week, the last six days of festivities have not only paid homage to Nigeria's thriving movie scene, but have also presented an exciting opportunity for viewers to engage in a Nollywood-themed quiz that challenges their knowledge about actors, films, and the inspirations that have shaped its remarkable journey to becoming the second largest film industry in the world.

Comprising ten meticulously curated questions, the quiz delves deep into the chronicles of Nollywood's history, pool of talent, iconic pictures, and the underlying narratives that have propelled the industry to international recognition.

Watch the All Stars' Nollywood movie production:

From identifying the first-ever Nollywood film to be submitted for an Oscar, to queries about legendary actors who have graced the silver screen, the quiz offers a panoramic view of the milestones that have defined Nollywood's evolution. Fans will have the chance to display their extensive knowledge and, in the process, connect with the cinematic roots that run deep within Nigeria's cultural fabric.

Some of the Big Brother Naija All Stars such as CeeCFroddSomaMercy Eke and Venita have ventured into the industry themselves, forming a key part of Nollywood. 

Play the quiz here

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