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Day 51: Level 3 House Guests spill the tea – BBNaija

12 September 2022
Doyin, Eloswag, and Chomzy who were Evicted from the Game during yesterday's Live Eviction Show were sent into Level 3 as Biggie's House Guests, and they have settled in well.

Following the introduction of Fake Housemates and Riders to spice up this unpredictable season of BB Naija. Biggie activated yet another twist last night during the Live Show. Evicted Housemates Chomzy, Doyin, and Eloswag were ushered into Level 3 as Biggie's guests. They were none the wiser on their status in the Game as Ebuka kept them in the dark, though Doyin assumed that the Evictions were fake.

House Guests go into Level 3

Doyin's Fake Eviction assumptions were not far-fetched since Big Brother dropped a hint to the same effect during the Eviction Diary Session yesterday. During the Eviction Diary Sessions, Biggie asked Nominated Housemates, "For a second, imagine this week’s Eviction turns out to be a Fake Eviction and no one goes home. How do you think this will affect the gameplay in the House?" to which they gave varying responses, that all alluded to them being caught off guard as they had not expected it.

This morning, the mood in Level 3 was tranquil as Big Brother's House Guests woke up on a brand-new Level. It was clear to see that all three of the House Guests felt as though they had been relieved of the load that came with possible Eviction stress last week. They wasted no time reflecting on their stay in the main House and their interactions with their former Housemates.

Eloswag, who was the self-appointed breakfast chef for the ladies, engaged in a conversation with Doyin where they analysed all the ships in the House. They both agreed that Housemates in ships didn't have what it took to make their ships continue sailing outside of the House. Doyin expressed that while she had faith in Shella, recent altercations have made her think otherwise. "I do think they like each other, but I don't think they will work out," Doyin told Eloswag who agreed with her. 

Chomzy later joined the pair and made it just in time to catch Doyin dishing on her interactions with Deji. She told both Eloswag and Chomzy that the chemistry between herself and Deji was that of friendship. Doyin said that Deji showed interest in her and approached her during the first Pool Party that followed his entry into the Game with the request that they could be close, to which Doyin opted for the friendship route instead.

While Biggie's House Guests are living it up in Level 3, the Housemates are clueless about their presence. While they did their best to carry on from last night's triple Eviction, others couldn't help but reminisce. Chizzy, who admitted to Big Brother during yesterday's Diary Session that he was fond of Doyin, was seen playing with Rachel's hair. After Chichi exclaimed that it hadn't even been 24 hours since his "wife" left, Chizzy replied, "my wife will understand."

What's your take on Biggie's newest twist and do you think there will be more tea spilled, now that Doyin, Eloswag, and Chomzy are no longer in the main House?

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