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Day 30: Chomzy becomes first female HoH – BBNaija

22 August 2022
Ladies and gentlemen welcome to a new dispensation.

Chomzy has emerged as the first female HoH of the season. She went through two rounds of battle in the HoH Challenge to clinch the coveted title, therefore becoming the 5th HoH of the Level Up season. The HoH challenge started with Biggie giving his usual instructions and a special announcement for the previous Tail of House, Phyna.  Unfortunately for Phyna, she failed to complete last week’s reward as Tail of House. Her failure meant she would continue as Tail of House for the new week. As Tail of House, she was also exempt from the HoH Challenge for the week.

Similar to previous weeks, the Challenge featured two Games. Apart from Phyna, Eloswag was also exempted from the Challenge because he was the incumbent HoH.  

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The first part of the Challenge was a Dunkwa race that involved the Housemates using their mouths to pick up a Dunkwa from one end of the Arena and place it on a plate on another end of the Arena. The Dunkwa Challenge was further divided into 2 rounds. The first round involved only the female Housemates, while the second round involved only the male Housemates. The plan was to have the top male and female Housemates from the Dunkwa Challenge compete in the final Challenge for the HoH title.

Biggie, however, flagged that not all the Housemates followed the rules of the Dunkwa Challenge. Unfortunately, all the male Housemates fell into this category so they were all disqualified. As for the female Housemates, Bella and Chomzy were selected as the top female Housemates from the first Challenge.

The emergence of Bell and Chomzy as the only Housemates eligible for the next round signalled that the House would get its first female HoH.

The second Game of the HoH Challenge involved Bella and Chomzy recreating a reference image with candies. According to the rules of the Game, Bella and Chomzy had to recreate the image with the exact colour combination of the reference image. Once this is done, the Housemate who finishes first will raise the test tube containing the candies and yell ‘Head of House’.

After all, this was done, Chomzy was announced as the new HoH. She also makes Level Up history as the first female HoH. Another history was made as she became the first HoH of the season to take residence in the HoH Room. As is customary she was asked to choose a partner and she chose Eloswag.

Chomzy wins HoH crown

This may just be a game changer for the Level Up ladies. We can’t wait to see how they approach Tasks from here on. 

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