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Day 37: Adekunle sets his strategy in motion – BBNaija

29 August 2022
He set the wheels in motion for Allysyn's opionin of her BFF Doyin to change.

Adekunle sat down with Allysyn for a lengthy conversation about Doyin this morning. He told Allysyn that Doyin said when they were close at the beginning of the season, it was merely a strategy. Adekunle added that in Doyin's opinion, he didn't genuinely like Allysyn and that he was using her.

Here is how the conversation went

To further drive his point home Adekunle told Allysyn that Doyin accused him of being related to the devil himself. "You know she said that I am the devil's younger brother!" Adekunle relayed. "She told me but, I don't think she was serious, do you think she was serious?" responded Allysn to which Adekunle gave a few examples to support his claims about Doyin's behaviour.

On seeing Allysyn's expression of disbelief, Adekunle cautioned, "don't go and ask her, I'm just telling you." Adekunle also added that while Doyin may pose as a friend who lends a listening ear, she is in fact a troublemaker and not the therapist that everyone in the House sees her as. Could Adekunle be right about Doyin, or is he deliberately planting a seed of discord?

Allysyn who was warned by Adekunle not to confront Doyin, went ahead and talked to her about it anyway. In a bid to cover up her tracks and protect Adekunle, Allysyn asked Doyin what she said about her and Hermes. "Have you ever said anything about Hermes, about how Hermes is bad for me?" Allysyn asked, "about Hermes?" asked a dumbfounded Doyin. "See, let me tell you one thing, the only thing that concerns me about this conversation is if you have anything to say about me and Hermes." Allysyn continued. 

A view of Allysyn and Hermes' ship

Doyin asked Allysyn who she had been talking to because her questions are things she has revealed to her in the past and that she never said anything behind her back. "I said it to you, that you have changed becuase of him, that because you people are together," Doyin tried to clarify, "I really want to call Chichi and ask her, because I want you to know that it's not true." Doyin stuck to her guns saying that she didn't talk to anyone about Allysn and Hermes. Allysyn refused to take Doyin's word for it and continued to pester her with the same line of questioning. Upon feeling helpless, Doyin became visibly emotional, so Allysyn backed off without revealing her source.

Later in the afternoon, Adekunle who must have known that Allysyn had a conversation with Doyin about his claims, went over to Eloswag to talk to him. In his anticipation of a possible confrontation between Doyin and Eloswag, Adekunle asked Eloswag to deny everything that Doyin asks so that he can build a case against her. Adekunle expects that Doyin will ultimately confront her, so he told Eloswag that he will use the case he is building in the event that she does confront him.

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