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Day 36: What are you gifting your fave Housemates? – BBNaija

27 August 2022
You the fans gave us some insight into who you would gift and why.

Over the years Big Brother fans have found elaborate ways to express how much of a stan they are when it came to their favourite Housemates. What started off as a token of the fans’ appreciation toward a Housemate has grown from several thousand Naira to extraordinary gifts such as houses, cars and even portions of land.

Here are some of the gifts that the Level Up Housemates would get:

A luxury car

Given the love that you the fans have shown the Level Up Housemates with your unwavering support for them, it's no surprise that you feel like you would splurge on a luxury car for your faves. Some of the Housemates that would get the latest rides from you are:

Chomzy:  She needs it for charity work.

Eloswag:  I feel like he is the only Housemate playing the game very well and I'm sure he's definitely going to be in the top five.

Groovy:  He works so hard for his family and this would be a nice gesture just to show him that his efforts are recognized and his putting everyone before himself it's just selfless.

Hermes:  Supercool and he knows how to level up.

Phyna:  She spoke about buying her dad a car so why not help her?

Money cake

In seasons past, we have seen Big Brother Naija Housemates being gifted with money cakes. Who wouldn't like to pull out bills upon bills of money from a sweetly baked cake? Judging from how many times the Housemates have had to make do with what they had, a money gift would be much appreciated. Here are all the Housemates who would be laughing all the way to the bank:

Adekunle:  He is a calm, kind, caring, and loving person.

Bryann:  The money will help him buy everything he needs for his studio equipment as well as clothes because drip is forever. He's an all-round entertainer and deserves the money.

Chichi: To make her feel appreciated and loved, as you know many people don't like her but deep down I know she is a lovely, nice and outspoken person.

Daniella:  She said she wants to go to school and study psychology, and also with money you can do anything you want to do and also buy what you don't have.

Modella:  The money would help her maintain her fashion, she looks like a material girl. She would enjoy spending money on luxurious shopping, a true fashionista.

A house in an upmarket suburb

Your generosity would know no bounds! I mean why stop at a luxury car and a money cake? You the fans felt your faves need nothing but the best. Here are the Level Up Housemates who would get a fancy crib from their fans:

Bryann:  He deserves it, Big Baby Bri has worked so hard to be where he is right now and achieve the things he has.

Chichi:  I heard she lives in a house with her friends, so her getting her own house will help her get some quality time with herself. She needs to leave all the negativity and get in touch with her inner self, and also so she can not look down on herself.

Doyin:  A classy babe deserves a classy place.

Hermes:  He is the most focused and he is true to himself.

Sheggz:  He needs a home for him and his Bella so they can establish themselves outside but mainly because a house is an investment on its own and we all would like to have our own.

Drip for days

Some of you felt your faves could use a shopping spree of the latest fashion threads. We loved to read the reasons behind your swanky gifts and here are the lucky Housemates who would have gotten a make-over from you:

Allysyn:  The model in her can’t let her rest.

Amaka:  She's so beautiful, lovely, and has very sweet skin.

Doyin:  She is easily the most fashionable housemate in the house. I want her to come out and meet more drips and do mad photoshoots.

Daniella:  She deserves all the best for being a loyal one.

Rachel: She's my fave.

The latest smartphone

The Level Up Housemates will clearly not be hard-up to make connections and foster their existing ones as some of you fancy the latest cellphone as your gift to them. The would-be recipients are as follows:

Adekunle:  He is a smart strategic game player. He is kind and calm, and he's also self-aware of his flaws. A fave and more.

Bryann: He is a real superstar and a bundle of talent.

Bella: She loves soft life and it goes hand in hand with the latest gadgets.

Groovy:  He carried the show.

Phyna:  She is vibes on vibes and I love her energy. I want her to make more beautiful and humorous TikTok content.

Given the number of gifts that the Level Up Housemates would receive from you the fans and the reasons behind them, it’s clear to see that not only has the show found a place in your hearts, the Housemates have also created a lasting impression on you. We cannot wait for the Housemates to finally learn just how much you the fan adore them.

Please continue sharing with us what you would give your fave in the House.

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