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Day 29: Week 4 in the Big Brother Naija House– BBNaija

21 August 2022
Its been back-to-back entertainment this week in the Level Up House
Level Up Housemates in the Arena

For four weeks, 23 Housemates have lived in two Levels of the Big Brother Naija House. The week started with two fewer Housemates in Level 2, Khalid and Ilebaye, after gracefully exiting the House after the Sunday Night Live Eviction Show. Level 1 Diary Sessions Housemates said they were surprised that Khalid had been Evicted, considering he was a strong contender and a fun guy. Daniella did not take the loss well but soon healed and started mingling. 

Level 2 Housemates are on the Nomination block again after losing the Head of House Games on Monday. Amaka, Daniella, Groovy, Kess, and Pharmsavi are up for possible Eviction. Eloswag took the HoH title once again, but his second started on a rough note. When he was trying to ration the food after losing last week's Wager Task, he warned Chichi to watch her tone when speaking with him.

That was not the only conflict Eloswag would find himself in. He was heard with a raised voice talking to Doyin over Task preparations. Doyin went to bed when the rest of the House was preparing for the Task Presentation. Eloswag called her out on her lack of team spirit. This was not the first time Doyin gets called out for this. When Biggie presented the previous HoH Hermes with an option to Nominate someone from the Level 1 House, he chose Doyin because of her lack of team spirit. Adekunle also previously complained about how she only shows up to eat and not to cook. 

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Amaka, Groovy, and Phyna 

Amaka and Phyna had an opportunity to reconcile after a fallout over Groovy. The besties were engaging less because of Phyna's closeness with Groovy. His and Phyna's relationship has been intimate, engaging in occasional Public Displays of Affection (PDA). When discussing their ship, Groovy said the PDA is stuff he usually does behind closed doors but is comfortable because Phyna is carefree. 

Phyna had an interesting week after winning the Tail of House title. Keeping to the weekly theme of Afrofuturism, she was required to speak in an alien language when Biggie cued the sound. This was quite a challenge for her, and she kept switching languages and using sign language to communicate. 


The week was not void of vawulence, and as a first, Adekunle was found in the middle of two of them. He had an altercation with his nemesis Sheggz. Sheggz feels like Adekunle has something against him and has been gisting about him behind his back. When Sheggz called Adekunle "stupid," it triggered aggression in Adekunle and he showed a side of himself that was never seen before. 

He was found arguing with Chichi who called him a pretender for trying to offer comfort after the House switch. During this week's Wager Challenge that Level 2 won, Deji was swapped to Level 2 after executing a Secret Task that he received from Biggie during his Diary Session. He was meant to complain about his fellow Housemates and mention that he would be happier in Level 2. Biggie asked him in the Arena on Day 27 what he would like, he said he wants to move to Level 2, and the move happened. He was replaced in Level 1 by Groovy, and a distraught Phyna was comforted by her bestie Amaka. It is a good thing the two reconciled

Chichi was hurt that Deji was removed from Level 1, thus Adekunle's perceived need to offer comfort. The gesture was not received well by Chichi, mentioning a Garden conversation where Adekunle said the Dechi ship would not sail. Being called a pretender did not sit well with Adekunle, and that solicited a reaction from him. 

Saturday Night Party 

This was a highly anticipated Party as it took place a night after Deji and Groovy were moved to different Houses. They both left the women (Chichi and Phyna) crying for them but quickly started getting acquainted in their respective Houses. Phyna was seen on top of Deji in the bedroom, and Groovy got a chance to talk to Chomzy.

Diana, on the other hand, was feeling conflicted about Rachel and Giddyfia's closeness. It is no surprise then that she came for Rachel at the Party, calling her all types of insulting words, insinuating that she is making moves on Giddyfia. Giddyfia removed himself completely from the fight, and Adekunle and Doyin were the ones trying to intervene. 

Sadly, it looked like Diana was coming for the wrong person, as Giddyfia spent a lot of his time dancing with Amaka. Amaka asked him if he is shipping with anyone in the House, and he said he is not with anyone, but later went to a livid Diana to try to speak to her and calm her down, but she was not having any of it. 

Groovy was all about the vibes, as he kissed his girl Phyna, but later told Chomzy that Phyna is "like a mother to me." This would make sense considering that Phyna was cooking for him earlier in the day because Level 1 Housemates are living on the bare minimum. Chomzy also placed Eloswag in the family zone, referring to him as her brother. We wonder how she would explain that truth or dare kiss she shared with her supposed brother, Eloswag. 

Tonight, Amaka, Daniella, Groovy, Kess, and Pharmsavi are up for Eviction. Who do you think will be going home? 

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