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Whitemoney shares his Okra Soup and Chicken recipes – BBNaija

08 October 2021
Tasty meals are a delight and Whitemoney can take our money any day.
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Whitemoney had an amazing journey in the “Shine Ya Eye” House before emerging as the winner of the Season. Before all the shipping drama and being bestowed with the title of “acting boyfriend”, he was quite dominant in the kitchen space. His stay in the kitchen led to conspiracy theories surrounding his activities with some Housemates accusing him of using it as a strategy.

Strategy or not, most of the Housemates were very much happy with his presence in the kitchen. Whenever Whitemoney was in the kitchen, everyone knew some mouth watering dishes were going to be on the menu for the day and his food was a delight to all. 

So we caught up with Odogwu himself and asked him to drop a few kitchen nuggets for us. Wouldn’t you want to taste the deliciousness the “Shine Ya Eye” geng were getting week after week in the House? Well if you do, check out a few of his recipes below.

Okra soup

First, prepare your Okra by dicing it. You can also grate it, but Whitemoney likes his crunchy so you have to dice those Okras up.
Mazi loves goat meat and fish so make sure you have that ready. Steam your meat on low heat with the right seasoning.
After it’s steamed, pour your Okra into the steaming pot and add fish and crayfish. Stir and taste to make sure all the seasoning is just right.
After this, you can add your diced tomatoes and stir. 
Remember, Mazi likes his Okra crunchy so more freshly diced Okra is added to the steaming pot of soup alongside palm oil (optional) and locust beans. Let it steam for two minutes and voila! Your Okra soup is ready.

Local Rice

Get started by parboiling the rice (local rice) and then wash.
Blend tomatoes and onions with a bit of garlic and ginger.
Heat palm oil in a sauce pan and then add your blended tomatoes and onions. 
Let it steam for a while and then add fish or diced meat (depending on preference)
Add water and any other ingredient you may want to add. E.g Crayfish.
Then pour in your parboiled rice, stir, and cover with foil in order to make the seasoning properly saturate the rice. After 20 minutes, it is ready to be served. 

Have you always wanted to taste the deliciousness that is Whiteoney’s barbecue chicken? You know, that one he grills during the pool parties? Well here is the recipe.

Grilled chicken

Start off by washing your chicken properly with warm water and salt
Put chicken in pot and spice with preferred garnish
Add butter, mix it up and let it steam for 15 minutes.
Pour in a bowl, get barbecue sauce, pepper, diced onion, ginger and garlic. Mix it together and let it marinate for 10 to 15 minutes.
Let the grill be on and at low temperatures
Melt butter and use it to brush the grill. Make sure it sails the grill
Soak the chicken with a bit of butter and begin to grill
Reduce the temperature of the grill so it doesn't get burnt.
Grill for a bit, turn it and voila!
Eat with chips or cabbage, and ketchup.

There you have it guys. Now go on ahead and enjoy the delicious goodness you have seen Whitemoney whip up on your screens this Season.