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What The Buzz gave us this season – BBNaija

07 October 2021
With the Shine Ya Eye season having come to an end, it's time to review the biggest revelations from it's sister show, Showmax' "The Buzz".
The Buzz article cover

The Buzz has brought us tonnes of exclusive content, much from its list of awesome weekly guests, but one of the main draws has always been the Secret Diary Sessions, which are exactly what they sound like – Diary Sessions… but secret. Unless you’re a Showmax subscriber, of course.

We’ve already had a look at some of the biggest reveals that came to us courtesy of The Buzz at the halfway point of the Shine Ya Eye season, but – now that the sixth season is complete – we thought we’d do a final recap of the biggest takeaways we got from Toke Makinwa and her crew.

Honestly, it looks fake

A few of the guests on The Buzz though that some of the House’s relationships looked more than a little too convenient to be completely believed. As Prince – a former Big Brother Naija Housemate – said, “some of the ‘ships this year look kinda deliberate.” We’ll be honest, there were times when the EmmaRose ship had us guessing, but based on their final interviews on The Buzz, it was real. We’ll see – but we hope it’s true!

Prince also had a few choice words for Michael, who he felt put Jackie B on the spot with his declarations of, “you’re my girl, man.” Thinking that it might have been a bit much, the former Housemate simply said, “he should have asked” her if this was even something she wanted to talk about. Another guest that night – Foluke ­– said, “he’s used to getting everything he wants.” Maybe, but we’re sure he wanted the N90 million… and he didn’t get that.

The Whitemoney Clan doesn’t have much to say

Just because the Secret Diary Sessions are – you know – secret doesn’t mean that everybody just opens up for the hell of it. “I don’t have anything to share, Big Brother,” said Whitemoney the one week. The next week, it was, “I don’t have anything on my mind to share. I’m good.”

His partner in crime – Queen – fell into the same habit: “I’m fine,” was her succinct response to Biggie’s question about whether or not there was anything she wanted to share. “Nothing really. I’m good,” was another. We’re glad you’re good, but we want to know what you’re thinking… so spit it out!

Cross really is a simple creature

We don’t mean “stupid”… we mean “simple”. As in, uncomplicated. For example, during a Secret Diary Session, all he had to share was, “I’m very grateful to be here. I’m very happy.” Glad to hear it, but anything else? Apparently not. The very next week: “I just want everyone to be happy. We’re getting fewer and fewer. People are getting emotional.”

Cross – last of the world’s great orators.

Guys need to back off or come to the party

During a clip played on The Buzz, Saskay was talking about Cross, saying, “he makes it look like this n!@@a is putting in effort…,” implying that he was all talk and no action. Later that week, during her Secret Diary Session, Saskay told Big Brother, “Cross is mentally draining me, honestly. He approached me to tell me he likes me, but his words are not matching the vibe or the energy I’m getting from him.”

A lesson to be learnt, here: be in, or be out. No half measures!

Pere really wants to draw

When people think, “Pere”, they typically think “general”, or “strategist”. They seldom think artist, although Pere thinks of himself that way. During one of his Secret Diary Session, he told Big Brother that, “it would be nice to have art materials, because I’m an artist.” Clearly, his appeal didn’t work, because the very next week, during his very next Secret Diary Session, Pere asked for “some card games… and also the art materials I requested.” Give the man a crayon, already!

Yousef never felt comfortable

Early in the game, Yousef expressed his discomfort to Big Brother, specifically about feeling like an outsider. We don’t mean to be rude, but Yousef talks somewhat at length, and not always very clearly. What we were able to glean from the drawn-out sentences punctuated with a lot of “ehhhhhhhh”, is that Yousef never felt very settled in the House. “I’m getting some little strikes,” he said, referring to some bad vibes he felt were coming his way. “The Housemates have been making me feel like I haven’t made so much impact with them,” he said a while later. He also said that “the Housemates are putting me in a middle spot, to trigger me. Like – I’m feeling tension.” Except, of course, he took much longer to say it, because – you know – Yousef.

The Housemates were crazy about their fish.

We’ve spoken about this before, but these Housemates were nuts about their fish. Let’s just list some of the craziness, here:

Whitemoney: “I treat my fish the way I treat human beings.” Sure – except it’s a fish.

Cross: “I like dogs.”

That’s going to be a problem for your fish, though.

Queen: “I feel like my fish is my good luck charm, because I told her – on Monday – that I really want to be in the Head of House Room, and she winked at me, and – somehow – it came to pass.”

Uhm… there’s not much to add, here, other than… huh?

People get bored

The Housemates might provide a lot of entertainment for us, but there’s not much going on for them. We’ve all been bored, but have you ever been ten-weeks-in-a-House-with-the-same-people-bored?

Jackie B: “I’m just very bored.”

Angel: “I’m bored. It feels like the circle is getting smaller.” (It was – that’s kinda how the game works.)

Not much to add here, except that the audience often forgets how tiresome it must be in the House. If you thought competing in Big Brother was easy – you should remember that.

The final episode

Big Brother Naija’s table shaker extraordinaire, Ebuka, was a guest on the final episode of The Buzz, and – with five seasons of the continent’s biggest game under his belt – he would surely bring a lot of perspective to the Game. “The twists we’ve seen this year were very unique. A lot of them – we’ve never seen on this show, ever!” When you have more than 350 days of Big Brother under your belt, being surprised is quite an achievement.

“We’ve never seen a Wildcard play out”, “Maria’s fake Nominations”, “the New Housemates”, “the Nini prank” and “Angel and Pere coming back” – “we always want a show, and they definitely gave us a show!” was his enthusiastic reply.

As for his choice of the most intense moment in the show, he said that “we can’t talk about the season without talking about Tega and Boma!” Except we’ll leave it right there. What we can say is that Ebuka dropped some figures during his interview with Toke, and revealed that this season had generated more that one billion votes. That's a "billion". With a "b". Yikes!

Obviously, the final episode contained interviews with the Top 6 Housemates, but we can’t spoon-feed you everything. Click the link below to watch for yourself!

The Shine Ya Eye season might be over, but The Buzz is forever. You can always watch it here!