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Post finale: Ebuka's epic table-shaking moments – BBNaija

07 October 2021
The Housemates dread this moment but we live for and can't get enough of it.
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If there is one person a lot of viewers look forward to watching when BBNaija starts, it’s Ebuka during the Live Eviction shows. His witty and fun way of carrying out his duties has made him a character to look out for whenever any Season of Big Brother Naija starts. Now, just because we are happy to see Ebuka on our screens on Sundays, does it mean everyone is always happy to? Not a chance! 😏

Who are these people you say? Who wouldn’t love the sweet and funny Ebuka?😔

Well, let’s try to find out who these cheeky people are. Apart from letting us know who may or may not leave the House (after some painfully tense moment😒), Ebuka also gets to chat with the Housemates about what they have been up to all week. Looking at this, it’s quite easy to guess that the Housemates are the ones who may not be too keen about seeing Ebuka on Sundays because it’s either you're going home or worse; you get the most painful non-physical punches ever. In other words, the gbas gbos wey go land for your face ehn 😭  and by gbas gbos, we are speaking of his famous table-shaking skills.

Ebuka always finds the right ways to make sure the Housemates feel the heat when he chats to them. This Season was no different and we are going to be taking a look at some of his most famous table-shaking moments.

Gbas gbos unlimited

Ebukas’s “Peace” comment: Two weeks into the “Shine Ya Eye” Season, Michael was welcomed into the House and immediately caught the attention of Jackie B. The two hit things off the night he got into the House. Now we all know there was a little back and forth with that ship and there was Peace. 

No, not “peace”. Peace, a fellow Housemate who hung around Michael like a “bestie” while he and Jackie were all over each other. Ebuka was so sleek with his punch that Jackie did not even understand what had happened. Only Michael felt the burn 😖  and boy was it entertaining to watch.😂

Boma’s roomie problems: When Maria won the HoH title she picked Boma as her DHoH and seeing as Maria could not stay in the room with him thanks to a punishment she was serving, he had to pick another Housemate to serve as his partner. He chose Queen to be his partner in the HoH Room, but after a series of questions during the Live show, he admitted that he would have chosen Angel to be his partner in the HoH room rather than Queen.

That statement definitely felt like a wrench had hit Queen in the gut as she was visibly not happy with Boma’s statement. That moment signified the beginning of the end for the ship that could have set sail between Boma and Queen.

The “acting boyfriend” palava: Now a little backstory here. Queen and Cross had been getting sort of close and even went to the extent of sharing a kiss at the Friday Pool Party. This very salacious kiss happened in front of Whitemoney who she had been close to, so it was definitely the “talk of the town”. During the Live Show that happened after that party, Ebuka asked Cross about his feelings for Queen. After his response, Queen was asked to speak about Whitemoney. 

Ladies and gentlemen, na there okada jam police o

While explaining who Whitemoney was to her, she said he had been a good friend and called him an “acting boyfriend”.😢 This moment had us shocked and howling at the same time. What happened to just calling him a platonic friend?😳  Anyway, that moment was definitely a reality check for all the parties involved.

This is our pick of Ebuka’s table-shaking moments that we consider epic. Head on to our Facebook page to let us know yours.